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Access to Taida: secret code that unlocks dry mortar market


Taida dry mortar com., ltd. was founded in 2010 year with an investment of 40 million Yuan. It built one of most advanced common and special mortar production lines in China, which has a output capacity up to 600,000T for one year. The production line was designed and manufactured by NFLG---renowned "mixing expert" in dry mortar field.

Taida dry mortar production line.webp

Taida dry mortar production line

Catching chance and taking command position of the marekt

As a green construction material, dry mortar wasgradually replacing conventional mortar is made at worksite thanks to its advantages, such as energy efficiency, environment friendliness and productivity. Moreover Chinese government were promoting dry mortar all over the country. So Taidacompany immediately felt there should be some golden opportunity waiting to exploit there, so they decided to enter into the unprecedented market---dry mortar.

Choice between wet and dry mortar
According to production manner premixed mortar could be divided into wet premixed mortar and dry one. General manager of Taida company Han told us:" Wet premixed mortar’s application is restricted in time and spare. It fails to meet household requirements, if producer could be deliver it to customer. Moreover it’s tricky to control its formula, so it’s limited to produce just one common mortar, not any special one."

After more detailed and balanced analysis Han projected that dry mortar would enjoy a brighter future, so they chose it.

General Manager Han Bing of Taida dry mortar com., ltd..webp

General Manager Han Bing of Taida dry mortar com., ltd.

Reliable equipment ensures quick development
Mr Han told us:" Since Harbin is located far northern, its winter is long and snowy, so it’s impossible to produce during that time. Most of annual production task should be completed in short time. So machinery would run under long term and intensive work conditions. One a fault takes place, it not only cause lots of loss, but jeopardizes image of enterprise. Another reason for which they decided to purchase NFLG’s equipment rests in that NFLG’s equipment requires 3-5 less persons in comparison with that of other manufacturers.

The production line from NFLG functions reliably and stably. It works continuously 24 hours and 30 days without any fault, which ensures it to meet demand requirements. According to production department director Hu Xiaoguang, who was deeply involved in purchase, installation and exploitation of the equipment," Because NFLG’s equipment is advanced functionally, efficient, durable and reliable, in the latest 3 years, it produces 600,000T dry mortar, but the mixing shaft never needs repair, which would be impossible to for equipment from other manufacturer. During 2013 year the production line churned out 200,000T, helping Taida to become NO.1 supplier of dry mortar in terms of market share."

NFLG’s dry mortar mixer.webp

NFLG’s dry mortar mixer

Mr Han was more frankly, he said:" Thanks to NFLG we grows quite well. Without its reliable and productive equipment we would not acquire so much market share in Harbin."

Besides its reliable and stabile equipment NFLG’s timely and swift post-sales service is impressive too. Maintenance worker Pan Hongxing told us:"NFLG’s service is perfect. Their service workers often visits us, keep contact with us and help us timely eliminate any trouble or potential trouble."

Taking product quality as life of company
As to management and marketing Mr Han was convinced that quality is crucial factor for company to survive and thrive in the harsh competitive market environment.

In order to ensure dry mortar quality Taida built a specialized laboratory to inspect product quality.
Thanks to its high quality product Taida quickly caught more than 50% of Harbin market, becoming most profitable company in the field.
Taidacompany got its investment back after less than 2 years of production. In order to widen scale and diversify products line in 2013 year Taida decided to purchase another production line from NFLG to produce special mortar. The reason was more than simple. As Mr Han said, " Judging by the last years’ experience NFLG’s equipment boasts an desirable advantages in terms of drying, screening, dosage , mixing and control system. Especially important is that special mortar imposes a highly stringent requirements for screening and dosage precision. So I trust NFLG."

It took just 3years for Taida to jump from first exploration to stabile development. It becomes one of green dry mortar producers that integrates production, sales and service. Taida’s products have been applied in many important projects of Harbin. It builds is own blue sea with help of dry mortar.And NFLG is happy and honored to be one of crucial knots for Taida’s success.



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