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R & D ability

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Experimental Center

NFLG takes engineering mixing technology as the focus with core technology in concrete, dry-mixed mortar, asphalt mixture mixing crushing sand, solid waste recycling, etc.

It has became a comprehensive corporation, integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and service.

Perfect scientific research system

Relying on the technology research and development, NFLG has established a R&D system integrating four major scientific research institutions:

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Innovation Base

Green Building Materials Equipment Research Institute

R & D Center of Solid Resources Equipment

Postdoctoral Research Station

Enterprise-university-Academy of Science cooperation

NFLG established a close cooperation relationship with plenty of well-known universities and research institutes in China and overseas such as Tongji University, Wuhan University of Science&Technology, Chang'an University, Huaqiao University, Fujian College of Engineering, Haixi Branch of the Institute of Mechanical Science Research, Railway Research Institute, etc, providing strong technical support for the mixing field.

Patented technology

NFLG attaches great importance to independent R & D and the protection of intellectual property rights who has applied for and obtained a total of 603 authorized patents since its establishment, of which 518 utility model patents, 52 invention patents and 33 design patents.

  • 518 Utility Model Patents

  • 52 Invention Patents

  • 33 Design Patents

National and industry standard customization

While engaging in its own products and services, NFLG has actively participated in the establishment of relevant industry standards and national standards for decades. Up to now, it has been involved in establishing and promulgating more than ten national and industry standards. Through its own professional strength, it lifts up the developing level of the entire industry, and contributes its own strength to the orderly and sustainable development of the entire industry.

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