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Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., Ltd. (Stock code: SH, 603280; Hereinafter referred to as: NFLG) was established in 1997. Based on the accumulation from engineering mixing, a deep understanding of the laws of industrial development and more than 20 years of specialized research and development, NFLG has gradually formed the business structure driven by the three major sectors of material processing, engineering mixing, and construction waste treatment, which has realized the layout and deep cultivation of the entire industrial chain, and creatively provided the market with overall solutions for green recycling building materials. At the same time, the new model of engineering digital intelligence IoT and property-based service operation and management created by NFLG, has formed a whole industry chain of "hardware-software-service", which is deeply bound with users and can let users easily enjoy safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and smarter overall solutions and services for green recycling building materials.

development history

Scientific Research & Innovation

R&D ability

NFLG takes engineering mixing technology as the focus with core technology in concrete, dry-mixed mortar, asphalt mixture mixing, crushing sand, solid waste recycling, etc. It has became a comprehensive corporation, integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and service.

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Digital production

On high-precision CNC equipment, NFLG is committed to built a digital workshop with informatization, datamation and intellectualization to closely combine information technology with manufacturing technology. By advanced productivity, processing and manufacturing is promoted to be more precise, fast, efficient, the manufacturing system is more flexible, agile and intelligent, product processing accuracy and quality is improved and eventually the manufacturing pattern is reformed greatly.

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Experimental Center

NFLG has established a material application comprehensive test platform that the industry is proud of that is applied to the detection and research of chemical and physical properties in materials.

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International Honor

Starting from its founding NFLG has been dedicated itself to the globalization of Chinese national brands in the whole world, striving to provide services to customers throughout the world and gain their trust.Thanks to its profound experiences and knowledge accumulated over the past 20 years, NFLG is going global boldly to face challenges, grasp opportunities and take the initiative to accept tests in the global market while occupying the domestic market.

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2017 Top 100 Global engineering Construction Machinery Manufacturer

China Famous Trademark

2016 Top 100 Global Engineering Construction Machinery Manufacturer

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