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On high-precision CNC equipment, NFLG is committed to build a digital workshop with informatization, datamation and intellectualization to closely combine information technology with manufacturing technology. By advanced productivity, processing and manufacturing is promoted to be more precise, fast, efficient, the manufacturing system is more flexible, agile and intelligent, product processing accuracy and quality is improved and eventually the manufacturing pattern is reformed greatly.


Sheet metal CNC production line

The workshop is equipped with a full set of automatic intelligent equipment including imported laser CNC blanking, plasma CNC blanking, CNC bending machine, four-roller CNC bending machine, etc., to promote the standardization of the blanking process.


Profile CNC blanking production line

The imported CNC gantry large-scale automatic feeding band sawing machine, CNC intersecting line plasma cutting machine, hydraulic high-speed circular sawing machine, Caribe multifunctional punching and shearing machine and other equipment are used to complete the blanking production and forming of profiles. With these CNC automatic mechanical equipment adopted, profile accuracy and quality are dramatically improved and guaranteed.


Machining CNC production line

The application of the main production equipment like Large-scale CNC landing milling and boring equipment, CNC horizontal milling and boring machine equipment, CNC vertical lathe equipment, etc. greatly improves the quality and precision of processed products.


Automatic welding production line

NFLG welding automatic production line consists of imported welding robots such as Austrian IGM robots, Swedish ABB robots, Fanac welding robots, Fronius welding machine and other international high-end equipment. It can perform 24 hours of unattended operations and greatly improve equipment welding quality and efficiency.


Automatic painting production line

The working mode of advanced water-spiral automatic feeding and spraying equipment is controlling the material automatic feeding of the large-size work-piece by numeric control. With this, the operating environment is improved, the labor intensity of personnel is reduced and production efficiency is increased. With a new-type natural gas heated drying room adopted, drying won’t be affected by whether and the quality of spraying will be guaranteed. And exhaust gas will be burned off with natural gas to reduce air pollution.


Special work processing production line

Adhering to the spirit of craftsmen and applying high-precision CNC automatic processing equipment fully guarantees the quality of core components.

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