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NFLG has established a material application comprehensive test platform that the industry is proud of that is applied to the detection and research of chemical and physical properties in materials.

The first engineering application materials experiment center


NFLG focuses on engineering mixing and creates a brand of "technical" in the field of engineering mixing. Its focus is extended to the field of building materials and aggregates; the relationship between the aggregates required for concrete, asphalt mixtures, dry-mixed mortars and engineering mixing machinery is intensively explored; a material application comprehensive test platform is built that the industry is proud of that consists of Chemical, mechanics, materials, minerals, particle size, oil products, asphalt labs and other laboratories; complete data resources for various aggregates is set up to provide date support for mixing products and the adoption of advanced technology.

Experimental teaching, sample testing, material research, and achievement display are integrated




Experimental Center


Experimental Equipments

NFLG Experimental Center covers an area of about 600 square meters and is equipped with 90 sets of experimental apparatuses, including asphalt oil laboratory, asphalt concrete laboratory, cement material laboratory (cement mortar laboratory), cement concrete laboratory, stone and sand aggregate laboratory and (sand, stone) particle shape laboratory, chemical laboratory, and mechanics laboratory and abrasion laboratory to make the detection and research of chemical and physical properties in materials.

NFLG Experimental Center is composed of experimental teaching, sample testing, material research and achievement display, establishing close cooperation with many famous building materials research institutes in China such as Tongji University, Changan University, Huaqiao University, and Railway Research Institute. Meanwhile, on NFLG mixing equipment, the mix ratio of cement concrete, asphalt mixture and mortar has been being designed and optimized. For the above, technical support and rationalized suggestions are constantly delivered to the customers.



Aggregate Laboratory

The main function of this lab is to do some routine testing and physical property testing of building materials such as sand, stone, rough and fine aggregates, including bulk density, apparent density, needle flake, angular flow, sand equivalent, methylene absorption blue value, mud content, water absorption , robustness, particle size grading, etc. In addition, a database of rock sand making and reshaping across the country has been established which has collected samples from more than 120 customers that has been constantly enriched and updated. The display cabinets have S3 mechanism sand finished sand molds, with different types of rocks, such as basalt, diabase, granite, limestone, tuff, iron ore, coal gangue, etc.


Mechanics Laboratory

It is mainly used to analyze the mechanical properties of materials and also conduct compressive resistance, flexural resistance testing of building materials and others as well as tensile resistance, compressive resistance, and abrasion resistant tests of metal materials. It is also workable for determining the CBR load ratio test of the geotechnical test and the split resistance test of the asphalt mixture, etc. (The main instruments are servo-controlled tensile testing machine, servo-controlled tensile testing machine, digital display compression and flexural testing machine, pressure testing machine.)


Asphalt Oil Laboratory

It mainly conducts related tests of asphalt and heavy oil, such as the penetration of asphalt, softening point, ductility and rotational viscosity, kinematic viscosity, aging index and other physical properties. Physical properties of different batches of different brands of asphalt on the shelf are analyzed to provide relevant experimental data for our foamed asphalt testing machine.


Asphalt Concrete Laboratory

It is mainly used for asphalt mixture-related tests, designing and optimizing the mix ratio of asphalt concrete, studying the use of asphalt reclaimed materials, foamed asphalt related tests and relevant tests of the extraction of reclaimed asphalt. For example: Mix Marshall index related test, relative density, stability and flow value.


(Cement) Concrete Laboratory

It is mainly used for related tests of cement concrete that are divided into sample preparation, sample related tests, and trial mold making and maintenance. In addition, the mix ratio of concrete can be optimized and designed, while the prospects of building materials will be explored.


Cementitious Materials Laboratory

There are 21 sets of apparatuses, which are mainly used for the conventional performance testing experiments of building materials such as cement, mortar, admixtures, etc., and can design the mix ratio of cement concrete and mortar to assist the company in the research of new cementitious materials.


Granular Laboratory

It is mainly used for precise detection of fine aggregate particle size, which can detect 0-8mm fine aggregate particle size data and provide reliable experimental basic data for the upgrading of crushing equipment.

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