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Home News Mixing expert follows "the Belt and Road" to go--The united press corps of Africa visited

Mixing expert follows "the Belt and Road" to go--The united press corps of Africa visited


On 19 Dec, 2015, 15 members of the united press corps of Africa paid a visit to NFLG. They are from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania,Mozambique, Namibia, and Botswana. This visit was arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

The press corps of Africa visited NFLG

After “the Belt and Road Initiative” was proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013 and 60 billion US dollars aid agreement to Africa in the forum on China-Africa cooperation on 5 Dec, 2015, Africa countries have sent their medias to China, looking for cooperation opportunities and bringing those excellent Chinese enterprises to participate in the infrastructure construction of Africa.

According to the foreign affairs department of Quanzhou city, “the visit to NFLG is requested by the press corps themselves, it showed NFLG has left a deep impression in Africa market, they want to have a further understanding about your company and try to deepen the cooperation between NFLG and Africa.

NFLG pays a lot of attention to its overseas market, especially Africa. The company prepared carefully for this visit, Mr. Zhou Wei, the marketing director, warmly received the press corps, explained to them the corporate culture and overseas strategy of NFLG, He also gave a detailed introduction about the products from crushing, sand making, mixing to solid waste recycling.

the marketing director, warmly received the press corps

the corporate culture and overseas strategy of NFLG

Dating back to 2002, the first set of NFLG concrete mixing plant entered Africa market, after all these years, NFLG equipment has been widespread in Africa continent, motivated by the “B & R” initiative, NFLG will play a more positive role in Africa infrastructure construction.

Asphalt mixture mixing equipment

Asphalt mixture mixing equipment

Container type bucket cement concrete mixing station

The cement concrete mixing station

the nflg mixing station

As to the after sales service, which is a particular concern to the press corps, NFLG demonstrated its “cloud service platform” and “individual equipment system”. The cloud service platform is based on automation control and the IOT technology. It can supervise the working condition of the client’s plant and  collect working data, the data would then be sent to cloud server, after professional analysis, NFLG could supply remote inspection, pre-maintanence,online trouble-solving, value-added service to its clients. The individual equipment system is designed for the clients, they can use this equipment to connect with the cloud platform of NFLG, enjoying the comprehensive after sales service. Mr. Zhou also mentioned the future plan to build branch offices and spare parts centers in Africa, realizing localization step by step.

Platform service system

Visit the platform service system

The press corps said ”Africa markets need professional manufacturers like NFLG who can give an integrated solution and a tailor-made design, NFLG has a complete products system from raw material processing to final products producing, it can reduce the cost to find different suppliers.”

Through communication, both parties look forward to further cooperation in the near future, not only equipment trading, but also technology exchange, NFLG would seize the opportunity to bring more qualified equipment and advanced techniques to Africa.

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