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BAUMA 2016, NFLG fully prepared for this Journey


Exhibition Address: Munich Exhibition Center

NFLG Booth No.: C4-219

NFLG sincerely invite you to visit our booth C4-219!


Today, Bauma 2016 has entered the last three days of countdown to its opening.

As the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, Bauma Munich from April 11 to 17 will soon be opened ceremoniously. What kind of shock andwonder will it bring to us? Let’s just wait and see.

As China’s leader for construction mixing machinery, NFLG once participated in several consecutive Bauma Munich exhibition with newly-developed technology and equipment, and 2016 Bauma Munich is no exception. This time, with the help of the internationalization platform, NFLG will exhibit the environmentally friendly, efficient, intelligent, systematical construction mixing machinery, as well as the complete equipment for processing virgin and recycled aggregate. Visitors will have the chance to witness it personally at the exhibition.

The biggest highlight NFLG brings to the exhibition this time is the point of low carbon and environmental protection. The product design concept is always permeated with the sense of environmental protection from concrete, asphalt, dry mortar batching plant to the processing equipment for virgin and recycled aggregate. The design of the new type environmentally friendly asphalt batching plant which adopts the low temperature mixing technology of foam bitumen  and matches the hot asphalt recycling plant has fully consider ed the flue gas treatment and energy efficiency, for NFLG makes every effort to achieve the environmentally friendly production of asphalt technically; NFLG overall updates the environmentally friendly solution for concrete batching plant by means ofadopting scientifically arranged dust collection and noise reduction system, efficient and intelligent concrete reclaiming system, and effectively solves theenvironmental problems for the dust, noise and waste of concrete mixing plant; NFLG provides the flexible design for dry mortar production line to meet the requirements of different users. NFLG turns waste into treasure by providing the recycling equipment for the regeneration construction waste. NFLG also exhibitsthe equipment for virgin aggregating cleaning, efficiently sand shaping and so on. All the equipment mentioned above are just parts of NFLG’s exhibitionproducts, for further more information about NFLG, welcome to visit our booth C4-219.

First look at NFLG’s exhibition products

1.Concrete mixing plant series, including modular type, skip type, container type, mobile type of concrete batching plant, as well as the concrete reclaiming system.


2.Asphalt mixing plant series: Asphalt batching plant, hot recycling asphalt mixing plant, mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant as well as the low temperature form asphalt mixing plant and so on.


3.Dry mortar mixing plant series: Workshop type, ladder type, tower type, station type dry mortar plant and so on.


4.Asphalt mixing plant series: Asphalt batching plant, hot recycling asphalt mixing plant, mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant as well as the low temperature form asphalt mixing plant and so on.


How much do you know about Bauma Munich?

As the world’s leading trading fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment,Bauma trading fair
holds regularly every three years in Munich, Germany.

This is where international key players meet. This is where significant new developments are presented. This is where suppliers and solutions come together perfectly. Once again,
the 2013 exhibition set several new records—confirming yet again its leading role as the largest trade fair in the world. In 2013 exhibition, 3421 exhibitors from 57 countries had
attended it, and those exhibitors include both market leader as well as the industry new star. The total exhibition area reached 575,000m2.

As the innovation and driving force in the global construction machinery, Bauma exhibition holds regularly every three years and attracts the professional visitors from 200 countries
all over the world. 79% of the visitors involve in the decision and transaction of business.

In the last edition, there were 323 exhibitors from China, second only to Italy (477 exhibitors). The fast developing of China’s construction machinery has become the highlight of
this exhibition, and almost all of China’s famous brands exhibit their products and technology by means of this international platform, and make friends with the competitors all over
the world and develop the market at the same time.

NFLG Bauma exhibition review

Bauma 2007:


Bauma 2010:


Bauma 2013:



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