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Home News The 2023 China Waterproof Exhibition ended successfully, NFLG showcased cutting-edge technology

The 2023 China Waterproof Exhibition ended successfully, NFLG showcased cutting-edge technology


On August 3-5, the 2023 China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition was held grandly. On the big stage of 35,000 square meters in the Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), various exhibition groups gathered together, about 300 outstanding exhibitors from the whole industry chain of the global roofing and building waterproofing industry all appeared on the stage. NFLG was invited to participate as an overall solution provider of green recycling building materials. In the Expo, new products, new technologies, and new concepts in the field of dry-mixed mortar mixing were unveiled at booth 737 in Hall 5.2(NFLG Booth).



The exhibition site was crowded with people, and it was very lively. With its excellent brand influence, rich product cases, systematic solutions, and wonderful on-site activities, NFLG stood out and became the focus of the audience, attracting the attention of visitors in the industry. Industry experts and professional customers from home and abroad stopped to observe, consult and negotiate. A number of NFLG technical experts gave on-site lectures and answers to the guests on product performance, core selling points, application scenarios, etc., which were unanimously recognized and praised by the guests, and won repeated praises.



The overall style of NFLG booth is simple and elegant, and the details are in place. There are multiple areas such as business negotiation, video, and display in the booth, which fully reflects the company's brand image and comprehensive strength. NFLG showcased innovative R&D achievements in the field of dry-mixed mortar in the fields of low-carbon and intelligence through product brochures, product walls, equipment models, animation videos, interactive experiences, etc., so that visitors can have a more intuitive understanding of NFLG Machine technology and product advantages.



In this Waterproof exhibition, the booth of NFLG also adopted VR technology, combined with the experience of virtual reality, to allow visitors to experience the "equipment site" personally and gain an in-depth understanding of the application scenarios of NFLG dry mortar mixing equipment.



At the exhibition site, top brands of the industry gathered. Oriental Yuhong, 3Trees, Keshun, BNBM, Sika and other industry giants in the waterproof industry were also invited to participate in the exhibition. They all have a long-term partnership with NFLG. NFLG and these industry giants displayed the latest products and technologies in the industry, making the industry consensus of "Prior Option for Dry Mortar Industry Leaders" of NFLG once again highlighted.


New Standards New Opportunities New Future

The theme of this exhibition is "New Standards, New Opportunities, New Future - Engineering Waterproofing System Solutions under the Full-text Mandatory Specification System". This is also the largest full-text mandatory waterproofing specification national publicity and review and display of new solutions for engineering waterproofing systems since the first year of the implementation of the "General Specifications for Building and Municipal Waterproofing". The standards put forward higher requirements on the waterproofing materials and waterproofing mortar mixtures.



NFLG has been deeply involved in ready-mixed mortar mixing technology for more than 20 years, and continues to provide customers with "turn-key" services; to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution emissions, realize intelligent management, and fully meet customer needs. Numerous product cases show that the waterproof products produced by NFLG special mortar mixing equipment have higher durability, water resistance, crack resistance and other advantages, and can effectively meet the needs of improving the service life and safety of buildings.



With the continuous improvement of the market requirements for the waterproof quality of housing construction, NFLG will continue to provide high-end, low-carbon and intelligent production equipment for customers in the industry in the future, to help expand the high-quality market of the industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and continuously promote the high-quality development of the industry.

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