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Home News NFLG's E-Series is the first of its kind in the world to be shipped in bulk.

NFLG's E-Series is the first of its kind in the world to be shipped in bulk.


In midsummer, all things show together. After more than two years of careful investigation and more than 2,000 hours of site verification, NFLG full line of E-series products ushered in batch shipments. On July 14th, " E Drives for Future" - the batch launch ceremony of NFLG mobile Crushers & Screens E-series was held in Quanzhou, Fujian-the NFLG headquarter. Fang Qingxi, chairman of NFLG, and Fang Kai, General Manager, Chief Engineer Peng Siming, Chief Engineer Huang Wenjing, Chief Financial Officer Wan Jingwen, Global Marketing Director Yang Zengting, Mobile Crusher Division Director Jiang Xiaohui and other leaders attended the ceremony and cut the red ribbon.



The products shipped in batches this time include: NFJ1175E Tracked Mobile Jaw Crusher, NFI200RSE Tracked Mobile Impact Crusher, NFC1300RSE Tracked Mobile Cone Crusher, NFS360E Tracked Mobile Screen. There are totally 4 new electric mobile crushing/screening products of NFLG E series full line. The equipment is mainly used in sand and gravel aggregate processing, construction waste recycling, earthwork engineering, tailings treatment, mine restoration and utilization and other fields. As a long-term user of NFLG crushing products and the first batch of customers who put into use E series equipment, NFLG Sichuan customer spoke highly of the equipment and sent a video blessing for the launch ceremony.



Jiang Xiaohui, the Division Director of NFLG Mobile Crusher & Screen made a report on the new E series products, and introduced the whole line of E-series products in details from the aspects of research and development background, product advantages, and application scenarios. He pointed out that after years of development, China Mobile Crusher and Screen market has entered a period of vigorous development in the subdivision field. Under the background of the national "double low carbon" goal and customers' demand for cost reduction and profit increase, NFLG E-series came into being. NFLG full line of E-series mobile crusher & screen have great applicability in occasions where the power supply is developed and there is less demand for equipment movement. While the full-line E-series products maintain high appearance and high quality, they also bring customers a brand-new green industry with low carbon experience. The 6 core advantages of the E series will greatly improve the profitability of customers and empower safe, efficient and green production capability.



After Jiang’s wonderful report, Huang Wenjing, Director and Chief Engineer of NFLG R&D Center, delivered a speech for the ceremony. He said: In the background of the country's "dual low carbon" and the new pattern of international carbon economy development, the E-drive era has become an inevitable trend. As the definer of the new future of material handling, after more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of material processing, NFLG is confident that the full line of E-series Mobile Crusher & Screen will provide customers with services in the subdivided markets covered by clean energy and developed power grid areas. Ultimate product power, superior experience, and value gains beyond expectations. As an enterprise that puts the green and low-carbon concept in its R&D and design gene, NFLG always adheres to the development strategy of "green energy conversion, intelligent efficiency enhancement, and international expansion", and fulfills the responsibility and mission as a leading company in the industry.



Following Chairman Fang's order to "Start the delivery", the delivery ceremony of all E-series Mobile Crusher & Screen of NFLG was held grandly amidst the sound of warm fire-work gun salutes. The first batch of E-drive Mobile Crushers & Screens will set off from Quanzhou to various locations in China, contributing to the cause of green and cost-efficient engineering construction sites. Electrification, clean and high-efficiency energy, as one of the important implementation methods of the "dual low carbon" policy, is just the beginning for NFLG. As a green leader in the construction machinery industry, NFLG will play a greater role in the future carbon footprint. Great value, build a green and beautiful life together.



In the future, NFLG will continue to be committed to sustainable development, adhere to the research and development of high-quality products, uphold the concept of green and low-carbon, grow endogenously, move forward steadily, continue to create the greatest value for customers, and for investors, employees, and partners; creating greater value for the whole society, and unswervingly committed to becoming an international leader in the overall solution service provider of green recycling building materials.

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