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NFLG in the WOCA 2023


On August 12, the WOCA(World of Concrete Asia) successfully ended in Shanghai. As an annual grand event for the concrete, mortar and flooring industry, 37,000 professional visitors from home and abroad, 600 companies participated came and gathered at the 57,000-square-meter exhibition area. Exhibits covered raw materials, finished products, equipment, and technology-centered integrated solutions. NFLG was invited to bring the latest technologies and overall solutions in the fields of dry mortar mixing and concrete mixing to join hands with industries at home and abroad to gather in Shanghai; sharing and discussing industry trends and future development directions.



On August 10th, the first day of the exhibition, NFLG attracted many domestic and foreign customers to visit as soon as it debuted. Among the endless stream of visitors, there are customers and friends of NFLG for ages, and many professionals in the industry, new and old friends have come to observe and communicate with each other, and the atmosphere is warm. NFLG technical engineers received every friend present with professional, authoritative technology and warm and thoughtful services. During the 3-day exhibition, the visiting guests and customers showed great interest in the technical innovation of NFLG in the fields of ready-mixed mortar and ready-mixed concrete.



NFLG well-built booth left a deep impression on the audience. NFLG red is highly recognizable and visually impactful among booths. It uses a large area of red and black as the main color to clearly show the the "core" technology and strength of the machine. During the exhibition, it attracted experts and scholars from the industry; among who Professor Wang Peiming from Tongji University visited the NFLG booth to discuss the development of the green building materials industry.



NFLG demonstrated the low-carbon and intelligent research and development achievements in the field of dry mortar mixing and concrete mixing through on-site video demonstrations, model displays, interactive experiences, and explanations by professional technicians. NFLG displayed the model of the FBC special mortar production line, which adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving frequency conversion mixing technology, and is suitable for the production of various special mortars, and has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, stability, environmental protection and high flexibility. In the field of concrete mixing, NFLG is committed to creating an unmanned mixing industrial park led by intelligence, and is constantly innovating in the field of commercial concrete, integrating intelligent detection systems for aggregates, automatic feeding systems for post-stock yards, online monitoring of slump, and intelligent concrete unloading system and other industry-first technologies to promote the transformation of the industry to a green, intelligent and high-quality direction.



Towards a Low-carbon & Smart Road

During the exhibition, people and information from the concrete and ready-mixed mortar industries from all over the world gathered at the WOCA 2023, where new ideas and concepts were integrated. NFLG has been focusing on technological innovation in the industry for decades. Whenever there are new technological breakthroughs and new equipment highlights, NFLG will become one of the highlights of the exhibition.



During the meeting, Mr. Dong Weiliang, Director of the Dry Mixing Department of NFLG, also accepted a live interview from the official organizer. Dong shared the market situation and technical advantages of NFLG in the field of dry-mixed mortar. He said that NFLG has provided low-carbon, high-end and intelligent equipment for the mortar industry for many years, which is the common choice of the industry leader and the mortar giants home and abroad. At the same time, NFLG dry mortar mixing equipment also relies on these international mortar giants to continuously expand its market shares around the world. At present, it has quickly embarked on internationalization and achieved considerable and solid results.



A series of high-level conferences and activities were also held at the exhibition site. Li Huican, deputy director of the Dry Mixing Department, was also invited to share and communicate with all peers in the industry on industry development trends and cutting-edge technologies. Li introduced the integrated solutions of green construction materials made by NFLG dry mixing equipment committed to promoting low-carbon and high-quality development of the industry.



Globally Popular with Overall Capabilities. With the continuous development of the building materials industry in the direction of green and environmental protection, green building material products with low-carbon energy saving, safety, flexibility and recyclability will become a new development trend in the future. NFLG will continue to adhere to green, environmental protection and sustainable development to serve the ready-mixed mortar and ready-mixed concrete industries; and to provide high-end intelligent production equipment to win future development opportunities for the industry, and jointly move towards the development of green, low-carbon and intelligent manufacturing.

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