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View the future, looking forward——《construction machinery》reporter interview Mr. Fang Qingxi


construction machinery   reporterHe Caihong

Open the history of NFLG, you will find that since1997 the first asphalt mixing plant and concrete mixing plant were produced, NFLG continues to forward without stopping. In1992, China's first mobile stabilized mixing plant was produced; In 1994, China's first mobile concrete mixing equipment appeared; In 1998, China's first concrete mixing plant of 180 m3 / hcome into being. The first dry mortar mixing equipment, the first wet concrete recycling equipment, the first RAP hot recycling plant were produced, the first twin-spiral mixer was born and the efficiency is 15% more compared to the double horizontal shafts . In 2005, the first LB2000 asphalt mixing equipment was exported to Italy.
The development of NFLG is strong and stable. Mr. Fang Qingxi was aware that  the receivable accounts and bank loans has been in increasingly dangerous situation, took relevant measures and made long-term plans – change the marketing and management model.


From Direct Sale To Agent

In China, the direct sales model is everywhere in concrete mixing fields, Mr. Fang noted that such model is outdated and of high risk compared with the agent model, what is more, we need correct guidance and Mr. Fang Qingxi did it.
He noted that, direct sale is the product of the economic system, and agency is the representative of the market economy. Agency is the direction of the future development of concrete mixing system; it also means applying production, research and development, services, management, marketing to market.

Distributors and manufacturers have unequal responsibilities. Concrete products need a lot of maintenance work. In direct marketing, distributors have difficulty in taking advantage of these marginal factors; many problems finally need our corporation to solve. Distributors do not take responsibility for full payment.

Moreover, in order to get more commission distributors would like to take more risks, and this is precisely the concern we worry about. Low technology and low-quality workers directly affect product sales. And dead account, bad debt is normal in direct marketing. The distributors only take a small part of responsibilities. But agent system can change this situation; enterprises shared both risks and benefits equally with the agents.


Tactic Variance

Fine management is deep, including all details parts from production to sales. With information developing, users can quickly feedback the encountered problems to the enterprise. Apply production to the market, the users’ feedback request more on the production, and we should be responsible for the customers for the production failure. When production is really fine managed, it is no longer a profit point, and its importance will be gradually reduced.

R & D is the core of an enterprise, NFLG pay great attention to R & D. And the follow-up test is also essential. Tests can accumulate a lot of experience to further guide the product R & D. Through tests, product quality can be greatly improved, substantially reducing maintenance costs and burden of after-sale service. Now, more and more enterprises have gradually realized the importance of test.


At present sales and service need to be further developed. For after-sales service, NFLG has already begun to do some basic works, like provide users with free upgrading services. It is a long way for brand growth, and also a process for long-term development of enterprises and it worth investing.

Strategic changes also reflected on the product positioning. Product positioning affects the future development of the company and NFLG has shifted to high-end. Low-end products’ dominant factor is price, but high-end, the quality, its al is to cultivate customers’ loyalty to products. With the maturity of customers, high-end products’ brand effect will be seen clearly.


Corporation Soul

Fang Qingxi borrows a sentence from Chairman Mao:" Dig Deep Tunnels, Store Grain Everywhere ", which interprets the corporation soul

. Enterprise's soul lies in technology and capital. “Dig Deep Tunnels,” means oning exploration, and familiar with various internal and external nature of the products.” store grain everywhere" means financial stability.
As a private enterprise, Fang Qingxi hopes that NFLG can be a genuine strong enterprises, can be tested in any situation, not only on the market but also funds. This is a sustainable development possess of enterprise.

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