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Years a, NFLG was just an unknown company in China in the machinery field and how could it develop so fast and won great reputation at home and aboard. As we interviewed the General Manager Fang Kai, we found the answer.

Fang Kai and his theory

Fang Kai, young but as wise as his father, after graduation he went to America to learn MBA for 3 years and returned in 2002. Then he worked 2 years in the workshop and in 2005 he was formally hired as General Manager of NFLG and then NFLG become the real Family Enterprise.

He said he is not a major of machinery but he was educated and affected in his family and had great interest in engineering machinery. Though of great pressure, he is still very confident in himself.

Compared with the past years, interests was not as much as past and with great pressure, all corporations are intends to concentrate on getting stronger and powerful. Fang Kai said it was just like digging a well, if only that we focus on one point and continue to dig with all our strength, we will succeed.

Direct sale and Agent

NFLG has always been based on direct sales and now introduce sales agency model, why? FANG Kai has given us the answer: "On one hand, there is still great interests in the mixing field, to set up an base combining marketing, service and spare parts supply and to cultivate the market and guide the consumption, the enterprises must provide production, supply, marketing, service and other training services. On the other hand, “our market occupation is not large, and after-sales service is different from the common one, and agents can not meet the marketing and service requirements. However, after several years rapid development, NFLG has a certain market share and at the same time as the development of construction machinery industry, domestic agents have already begun to take shape and develop in a scale, agent sale have great advantages on marketing, parts supply and after-sales service . It is time to introduce the new sale system. "

Now NFLG has 4 kinds of products with over 20seriels plants, it is not enough to realize the sales turnover but introducing the agent sales system.

Standards for the agent

1Years sales experiences on machinery, with many guest groups and enough capital and long-term cooperation with NFLG

2Special persons for sales and after-sale service

3Image recreation on the basis of NFLG

4Supervision under NFLG

5Finish the yearly sale amount

6Hand over your Co., introduction, finance sheet, Co., license and marketing sales plan to NFLG, once passed the check, two parts will sign the sales agent contract.

We now have 22 agents and there are two ways to develop:1, to train and develop in NFLG; 2, to find some and netiation with them for cooperation.

Duration and Specialization

We have already won great reputation at home and aboard with new products and technology, and we concentrate on building a branded company in China. This is the responsibility of NFLG.

On May 2005, LB2000 asphalt concrete batching plant designed by NFLG and the European experts is first shown on Verona SAMOTER in Italy attracting many famous corporation like FAYAT Group, Oman Group, and other exhibitors and visitors, a lot of people are very surprised at Chinese manufacturing capacity upgrading so fast. In the increasingly competitive domestic market, enterprises that can have od reputation on cement concrete mixing plant, Asphalt Mixing Plant and dry mortar plant are not as many as aboard. No one can have the influence to be the leader in the field. However, this situation began to change in recent years, NFLG, with its flexibility mechanisms, market positioning accuracy and great recreation, begin to lead the mixing field in China. LB2000 asphalt batching plant exported to Europe has proved the power of NFLG. 20002250kg/ With each batching capacity of 2000 ~ 2250kg, under the standard condition of 160 t / h capacity arrive the European standards: Environmental protection, vacuum dust-collection design, frequency control asphalt weighing technology, high-speed synchronous drive twin-shaft, reducer and motor-driven dryer, optimized design vibration screen, shows that its technology has reached the international advanced. These are resulted from long-time concentration and specialization of NFLG.


Spirit and Form

Fang Kai is edified by the Western culture and used to compare the Western culture and Chinese traditional culture, supplying it to the enterprises management. He said: "Chinese traditional culture focus on ' invisible width', while the West pay more attention to detail and the two can be well combined.” FANG Kai further explained that" NFLG has been advocating the idea 'people-orientation' and use system and norms  realize this concept and it related to the details of enterprise management. "

FANG Kai also mentioned that domestic enterprises are od at absorbing foreign technology in product development, but finally lose the advantages of details and core technologies, so NFLG should focus on both of the spirit and form.


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