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Care for equipment achievements users - 2006-South Road "Top Ten" user-selected peacekeeping activit




  Further enhance users’ awareness of Maintenance and Operation of mixing plant of NFLG, spoke highly of the efforts and contribution NFLG made for the industry and to be the most influential individual in the field, produce the international-branded plants, guiding consumption. On February 22, 2006, the group comprised of technical staff of NFLG and professional experts did the evaluation on the basis of the stability, advance, scientific, standardized and creation of maintenance.


     1Chongqing Tongzhou (industrial) Group Concrete Co. Limited


  The company invests to build the 2 HZS120 mixing plant in 2004, covering 40 acres, of 20 vehicles, 13 concrete pumps and 186 workers; it is the largest commercial concrete company in Chongqing. From October 2004 to December 2005 the total production is 650,000 m3; the maintenance downtime accumulated was not more than 48 hours and the longest continuous working time is three months, the maximum monthly capacity is147, 000 m3. Adhering to the principal: daily inspection, adjustment, lubrication, maintenance establishing a relatively complete maintenance system.


     2Guangdong Zhongshan building concrete mixing center


  The company bought two HZS210 from NFLG in 2003, and become the largest concrete company in the area. On equipment maintenance and management, the company paid great attention to personnel training, and accumulated rich experience on maintenance without suspension for overhauling; the most commendable thing is that no leakage on the shaft, which is a miracle.


     3Zhejiang DADONGWU Group Building Materials Co. Ltd.

    The company is a big backbone enterprise of DADONGWU group, which has two 2HZS120, one HZS150, and 50 Mix Transportation Truck, 10 sets of pumps, is the largest concrete production enterprise in Northern Zhejian, and currently occupies more than 60% market share in Huzhou area, which fully attributed to the outstanding maintenance and high-quality management.


     4Yunnan Hengyu Concrete Co. Limited

    In November 2005 It purchased a HZS150 plant, absorbing rich experiences from NFLG and really specialized on the professional staffing, there was no misuse and improper maintenance in six-month. Particularly in the environmental protection and sanitation, it set a od example.


     5Hebei Tanghshan Building Group

   The company purchased two HZS120 from NFLG in June 2005 and being put into use in July. We give them commissioning, maintenance rules and integrating their on-site work experience, developed a detailed maintenance system, operation inspection systems.

     6National Concrete (Taicang) Co. Ltd

    It is the first domestic company of Taiwan investment on mainland of concrete businesses in the construction, taking full advantages of the most advanced environmental protection concepts, of perfect recovery systems in the dust-collector, waste water recycling, waste materials recovery, etc. In the management, it introduced Taiwan management experience, "maintenance and repair, focus on prevention,” as the guiding principles to achieve the al of high efficiency, system-wide and full-participation and enhance the stability of equipment, realize lower consumption, high economic interests.


     7Shengyang Zonglei Road and Bridge Co. Ltd

    The company is the largest professional asphalt construction company in LiaoningProvince, and purchased the plant LB3000 in 2003 from NFLG. In the process of cooperation, it has accumulated rich on-site maintenance experience and actively participated in NFLG exchange activities. The company was responsible for implementing various tasks, like continuous production without failure, constantly experience accumulation, and technical data standardizing.


     8Shanxi Road and Bridge Co. Ltd

    The company bought a LB4000 from NFLG and we send technical staff to help and guide the installation, and made the detailed guidance for them in accordance with foreign advanced experiences.

     9Jiangxi Road and Bridge Building Bureau

   The company bought a LB3000 asphalt mixing plant from NFLG in 2003, and has produced more than 380,000 tons of asphalt mixtures, with the longest trouble-free working time: 66 days, producing more than 4,400 tons of materials, creating the highest record in the field.


     10Guangzhou Road Co. Ltd

    The company witnessed the growth of NFLG from the early stability coursing batching plant to concrete batching plant and asphalt batching plant, particularly LB3000 asphalt concrete mixing equipment and was selected as 2005 National top 10 users. Their operation and maintenance are equipped with professionals with the longest trouble-free working time: 71 days.
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