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NFLG Attends 2021 National Sand & Gravel & Tailings and Construction Solid Waste Resource Utilization Forum


From 12th to 13th January, 2022, "2021 National Sand, Gravel, Tailings and Construction Solid Waste Resource Utilization Forum" was held in Shanghai, with the theme of "Gathering Strength to Empower, Creating a Winning Future", focusing on the industrial policy, innovative technology, digital and intelligent equipment, industrial cooperation mode, etc. to analyze, exchange and discuss, providing assistance to realize a scalable, high value and high quality development of solid waste utilization industry. NFLG was invited to attend and present the keynote report.




On the morning of January 13, Mr. Lyu, Senior Engineer and Marketing Director of NFLG Solid Waste, presented a report on the theme of "NFLG Total Solution for Construction Waste Resource".




As a professional service provider of total solutions in the field of engineering mixing, NFLG has been working in the industry for more than 20 years, adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Be Professional, Be specialized, Do Better, Go further”, insisting on customer demand as the guide and technology research and development as the core driving force, and has formed an ecological closed loop of industrial chain driven by the synergy of three major sectors: Material handling, engineering mixing and construction waste treatment.




In 2011, NFLG introduced Taiwan's mature construction waste resourcing and comprehensive disposal experience. NFLG hired experts with more than 30 years of experience from Taiwan to form a research and development team, and visited Italy, Japan and other places to investigate the local advanced construction waste comprehensive disposal park. Learning its advanced technology and concept, and combining with the characteristics of China's domestic construction waste and the current situation of treatment, NFLG successfully developed the construction waste recycling treatment equipment to realize the classification of construction waste, recycling crushing and screening, comprehensive storage fabric of products and comprehensive utilization of recycled products.




Although construction waste recycling has been emphasized in China, the utilization of recycled construction waste aggregate is relatively low. NFLG is well aware that in order to change this current situation, we must solve the problem of fine separation of recycled aggregates.

In recent years, NFLG has precisely concentrated and worked hard to break the technical difficulties of fine separation of construction waste recycled aggregates and proposed fine separation solutions, scientifically using core equipment such as positive and negative pressure light material separator, ballistic separator, gravity separator and eddy-current separator to achieve efficient and fine separation of construction waste recycled aggregates. This is beneficial to improve the cleanliness of recycled aggregate and further ensure the stability of recycled construction waste aggregate quality, which is conducive to expanding the application scope of recycled aggregate.




At the same time, NFLG has made a major breakthrough in environmental protection and energy saving, further improving the site operation environment, ensuring a healthy and environmentally friendly environment, realizing the recycling and reuse of iron metal, waste wood, waste cable plastic and micro powder centralized collection, etc.




It is worth mentioning that in this conference, NFLG also demonstrated the overall solution of construction waste in comprehensive treatment and advanced construction waste treatment equipment, which attracted many participants to consult and communicate.





Under the promotion of "zero waste", "circular economy", "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" and industrial environmental protection policy, China's comprehensive utilization of construction waste has gradually moved from the poor foundation into a deep stage of fine management. The summit will help the industry to open a new era in the development of construction waste utilization industry. NFLG will continue to research and develop equipment and production of overall solutions in the field of construction waste resource treatment, and make continuous efforts to create considerable economic and social benefits.



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