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Home News Realizing green concrete production. NFLG Commercial Mixing Equipment applied in Nan\'an Xiangte.

Realizing green concrete production. NFLG Commercial Mixing Equipment applied in Nan'an Xiangte.


Fujian Xiangte Building Materials Development Co., Ltd. is located in Quanzhou, the cultural capital of East Asia and the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road in China. Xiangte always provides good products, technical support and perfect after-sales service for customers. At present, the total annual output of commercial concrete is 1.2 million cubic meters and cement concrete bricks is 30,000 cubic meters, which has strong market influence.

At present, Xiangte has 2 sets of HZS270 and 1 set of WCRE60 automatic waste concrete recycling equipment from NFLG, which are in good use and meet the expected requirements of customers. The materials are fully enclosed from transportation to production, reducing dust and noise, and the concept of green and clean production is carried through the whole process of concrete production.

The layout of two sets of NFLG HZS270 concrete batching plant adopts the form of silo on top. This layout not only improves the efficiency of batching plant, but also saves packaging cost.  At the same time, each floor is relatively independent so that it has more space for maintenance activities and is also easy to clean and wash. Using the sufficient concrete structure space of the main building, the plant is set up with main engine room, laboratory and central control room, etc. The whole plant is intelligently designed, which effectively reduces labor cost.

In the part of aggregate conveying, NFLG used the old production workshop of the plant, avoiding the original beams and columns, and tailored the automatic feeding system for Xiangte to achieve the purpose of not damaging the main structure. In the process of commercial concrete production, NFLG has equipped high-performance dust suppression and dust removal equipment from the ground bin belt conveyor and the connection of flat and inclined belts to the transition bin of the main building, which effectively suppresses dust emission from the production.

For production operation, the mixer is closely related to production efficiency. NFLG's double spiral belt mixer adopts continuous mixing blade, which has strong shearing effect on concrete. It is also covered with special wear-resistant layer, which has super wear-resistant performance and good production performance and high efficiency. The equipment is also equipped with a main machine monitoring system, equipped with high-definition cameras, which can monitor the mixing situation inside the mixer, and grasp real-time concrete workability and slump to ensure the quality of concrete.

When loading and unloading finished materials into the mixer truck, the most important thing is to avoid leakage of materials. Adopting NFLG curved valve type discharge hopper not only shortens the discharge time, but also makes the concrete discharge without dripping and spilling, which keeps the main building tidy and improves the overall efficiency of mixing plant.

In the process of concrete production and transportation, waste concrete is generally produced, and waste concrete accounts for about 1.5% to 2% of the total production. Manufacturers need to spend high disposal costs, which not only causes waste of resources, but also leads to environmental pollution. As the local environmental protection policy becomes stricter, higher requirements are put forward for the environmental protection construction of the plant in terms of comprehensive dust remediation, zero discharge of sewage, etc. The plant manager said that in addition to environmental protection of the process, it is also reflected in real zero discharge of industrial waste water in the whole plant. At the beginning of the establishment of the mixing plant. We pay close attention to environmental protection, and while producing concrete, we have to pay attention to one issue, which is environmental protection.

Therefore, Xiangte decided to purchase NFLG WCRE60 automatic waste concrete recycling equipment when developing a comprehensive solution.  As you can see in the plant, the automatic waste concrete recycling equipment decomposes and recycles waste water from the mixing plant every day, and recycled sand, gravel and slurry water are then used in concrete production, which saves a lot of raw materials and realizes recycling application.

In addition, WCRE60 automatic waste concrete recycling equipment occupies a compact area and has a regular and reasonable layout. The general performance is better. The aggregate is cleaned more cleanly and dewatered more thoroughly. The sand fully conforms to the concrete production standard and the stone is completely free of mud and powder, which effectively prevents the solid particles from settling and siltation in mixing tank; meanwhile, the mud water concentration is controllable, which really ensures the production quality of concrete.

WCRE60 automatic waste concrete recycling equipment adopts NFLG's self-developed wet concrete recycling control system software, with stable and reliable performance. It is unmanned and can automatically switch between two working modes in summer and winter. It can also work normally in low temperature. The product line has a high degree of automation, less staff and simple operation, which greatly saves human resources.  Through the integration of intelligent system, it plays a great role in the management of personnel and production deployment.

Compared with traditional batching plant, Nanan Xiangte has introduced NFLG automatic production management system, which realizes centralized control in the central operation room to achieve intelligent and efficient production. The two ready-mixed concrete production lines can be controlled by only 1-2 people.

In the front line of the market, being well-prepared is the key to get customers' approval. When serving Xiangte, NFLG relies on the perfect marketing and service system to understand the construction difficulties on site in detail, explore the potential needs of customers, respond quickly and provide systematic and comprehensive solutions for customers, which makes customers very satisfied. In terms of after-sales service, customers have a deep experience. When there are problems with the equipment and need support, NFLG is always the first to respond to customer needs, such as customer basic data, engineering debugging, emergency parts, etc. NFLG Industrial Services Department thinks what customers think, with the fastest response speed and the most professional advice to respond and meet customer needs.

The environmental protection mixing plant has become a new type of building demand recognized by more users in today's social development. The person in charge of Nanan Xiangte also frankly said that the dust pollution, noise pollution and sewage pollution of traditional mixing plant are very troublesome things in today's society. Only efficient, fast and environmentally friendly concrete batching plant is the way we need to go in the ready-mixed concrete industry.

NFLG full environmental-friendly commercial concrete comprehensive solution is a highly integrated unit of modern mixing technology, environmental protection technology, information intelligence technology and urban art. The equipment is environmentally friendly and energy efficient during operation. The various emissions and noise during the production process meet the national standards. It is easy to see from the application of the whole set of mixing plant of Nanan Xiangte that the stability of NFLG equipment performance, energy-saving and environmental protection effect, software system support, and the economy of operating cost are all very outstanding. Nanan Xiangte has gained a good experience in all aspects of use. In the future, NFLG will serve customers better, help customers build integrated intelligent factories, and set a new benchmark for industrial upgrading and development.

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