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Home News Installation in progress. The NFLG project will change every day.

Installation in progress. The NFLG project will change every day.


Through the joint efforts of all parties, the application of NFLG's "five-in-one" resource solution for construction waste in Hebei - Qinhuangdao has made a breakthrough, with truckloads of equipment parts entering the site in an orderly manner and the installation work being carried out in earnest.



Delivery, carrying a good vision of departure

Installation work is in progress and is expected to be completed next spring.

△Hebei - Qinhuangdao Construction Waste Environmental Protection Comprehensive Treatment Project - Design sketch

Focus on the application of NFLG construction waste "five-in-one" resource solution in Hebei - Qinhuangdao. It will be different day by day, progressing towards safe, efficient and steady.

Hebei - Qinhuangdao project adopts NFLG construction waste environmental protection comprehensive treatment line. It integrates feeder, jaw crusher, heavy flip-flow screen, positive pressure classifying system, manual pick-up table, cone crusher, dust collector and inclined screen. The whole construction waste resource treatment solution can realize sorting and classification, automatic crushing, automatic separation and debris removal, and the production of recycled concrete, recycled asphalt mix, recycled stabilized soil, brick making and other refined disposal processes. The "five-in-one" greatly improves the utilization rate of construction waste resource utilization, turning construction waste into treasure and creating recycled value, which not only beautifies the urban environment, but also improves the efficiency of terminal disposal and transfer, and reduces transportation and labor costs.

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