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What Are the Key Processes to Start a Sand and Gravel Plant?


Recently, NFLG public account added many users to consult how to start a sand and gravel plant, and what specific conditions are required for the equipment. Today, I'll explain it.

01 Site Selection

The location of a sand and gravel plant has a very important impact on normal production work. Therefore, it is necessary to consider various factors when selecting a site and investigate the surrounding environment to ensure that the site can meet the needs to the greatest extent.

The following issues need to be considered for the site selection of sand and gravel plant.

①Convenient road traffic conditions and easy access to electricity and water.

②Far from residential areas. Also, in order to reduce pollution, it is advisable to choose the downwind entrance of the dominant wind.

③ The distance between plant and blasting point should be at least more than 200 meters according to the industry standard.

④ The area of plant, as well as the yard and capacity of raw materials and finished materials.

⑤ Storage and transportation of finished materials.

⑥ If the site does not meet the requirements, preliminary consideration of the cost of site leveling. If the site has been surveyed and mapped, consider the approximate quantity of earth work in site leveling.

⑦ Geological conditions, natural disasters, etc.

02 Equipment

Due to the different processing standards of users, the size and hardness of raw materials and other attributes are not quite the same, the specific equipment configuration will be different, while in the selection of equipment, customers have these doubts:

Poor granularity of the finished product.

Changes in demand for finished materials required by customers, which cannot be adjusted in a timely manner.

Increasingly strict environmental requirements.

Need to isolate noise, dust, etc.

NFLG S3 aggregate shaping and sand making plant is composed of vertical shaft impact crusher, vibrating screen, dust removal module, conveying module and other parts, which is green, harmonious, intelligent and efficient and can effectively solve the above concerns of customers.

First of all, after the on-site stone is shaped and processed by NFLG aggregate shaping and sand making equipment, the mechanism sand has rounded grain shape, with continuous, uniform, stable and good fluidity gradation, which meets the national standard of first-class building sand.


NFLG S3 aggregate shaping and sand making equipment is equipped with intelligent control system, which can switch to different production modes according to the changes of raw materials and finished materials, adapting to a variety of raw materials and various weather conditions. The highly intelligent S3 control system can realize the memory storage and one-key selection of multiple production modes to switch, ensuring that the finished sand output is efficient, stable in quality and better than national standards.


In response to the strict EIA requirements, NFLG S3 aggregate shaping and sand making equipment keeps low noise, low vibration and negative pressure during the production process, which circumvents dust to the maximum extent and realizes green and clean production in the plant.

NFLG S3 Project Application Examples

4.webpNFLG S3 aggregate shaping and sand making equipment in Jilin Hengji

5.webpNFLG S3 aggregate shaping and sand making equipment used in Guangxi Ronghe Expressway

6.webpNFLG S3 aggregate shaping and sand making equipment used in Zhaotong West Ring Expressway

7.webpNFLG S3 aggregate shaping and sand making equipment in Puning Jirun

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