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NFLG GLB3000 Asphalt Mixing Plant in Malaysia


Malaysia is located in the center of Southeast Asia, guarding the Strait of Malacca, and has obvious geographical advantages. In recent years, Malaysia has increased the interconnection of railroads, highways, ports and airports, and promoted the construction of infrastructure projects. As an important pivot point of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Malaysia has an unprecedentedly large infrastructure market. Its rich resources, huge market potential and high demand for infrastructure construction have attracted many Chinese construction machinery manufacturers to explore the market, and NFLG is one of them.

Recently, a set of NFLG GLB3000 asphalt mixing plant has been installed in Malaysia after successful completion of commissioning. The equipment will be used for road construction projects in Pahang and the surrounding areas. The equipment was purchased by a Malaysian investment holding company with several business subsidiaries in Pahang and Kelantan. The customer has extensive experience in asphalt material production, road construction, road paving, special structure pavements, construction transportation, asphalt emulsion plants, logistics supply of road and construction materials, and currently has dozens of asphalt mixing plants.

In early 2021, in order to expand production, the customer decided to purchase another set of asphalt mixing plant. For most users of construction machinery and equipment in Malaysia, price is still an important influencing factor in the decision to purchase. However, for this customer, quality assurance and after-sales service are more important. The customer was very strict in selecting the asphalt mixing plant, which needed to have both low emission, stable performance and timely service.

The Malaysian customer turned his attention to China after multiple investigations and comparisons. In fact, before the cooperation, the customer had been paying attention to NFLG for four years. In view of NFLG's stable product quality and good customer reputation in the field of engineering mixing at home and abroad, the customer finalized the cooperation intention with NFLG after less than two weeks of communication and exchange and purchased a set of NFLG GLB3000 asphalt mixing plant.

Installation and Case Details↓↓↓

The GLB3000 equipment installed in Malaysia has gone through a lot of tests. Affected by COVID-19, there were many difficulties in equipment delivery and installation. To ensure the construction period, NFLG installation service team overcame many obstacles and the project installation progressed in an orderly manner. It took only 40 days to complete the installation and commissioning. In October 2021, the asphalt mixing plant successfully produced asphalt. NFLG's fast and efficient installation service was highly praised and affirmed by the customer, who also wrote a letter of appreciation to express his high recognition of NFLG's products and services.

The customer mentioned in the commendation letter that during the process of equipment installation and commissioning, NFLG's service engineers, together with local agents, did their best to complete the project on time, overcame the difficulties of epidemic and communication, and solved various problems in equipment installation and commissioning. Meanwhile, during the trial production, the engineers spent a lot of energy and time to provide professional technical training to improve the technical level of the customer's operation and maintenance personnel.

NFLG GLB3000 asphalt mixing plant adopts modular design. The equipment occupies a small area with strong site size adaptability. After the formal operation, the annual output of asphalt mixture is expected to reach 250,000-300,000 tons, which can effectively improve the quality of local municipal traffic pavement construction.

The construction of NFLG asphalt mixing plant is very delicate, and the equipment is well sealed, which can effectively prevent dust raising during the production process." The customer's equipment manager said. The advantages of this asphalt mixing plant are also reflected in the following aspects: Special arch breaking device for sand bin discharging, effectively solving the problem of material blockage. The unique blade structure design of the drying drum enables uniform heating, high heat energy utilization, stable and reliable use. Hot aggregate bin discharge door adopts large and small door structure, with fast and slow batching function, thus ensuring metering accuracy. The mixing host has a large space and the blades are arranged in interrupted spiral. The mixing time is short and even, and a variety of interfaces are reserved for hot recycling, wood fiber, foam asphalt, etc.

Whether in terms of equipment performance or intelligent control, NFLG equipment has been recognized by customers. The asphalt intelligent control management system equipped with this plant can transform the complex asphalt production management process into simple and easy-to-learn operation steps. The operation interface adopts the image of dynamic screen, real-time response to the production working condition, which makes the operation more efficient and convenient.

With the official commissioning of the project, we are once again looking forward to the performance of NFLG asphalt mixing plant in Malaysia. As an important country along the route, Malaysia has been actively responding to the "Belt and Road Initiative" in recent years, and has established friendly cooperation with China, with increasingly close economic and cultural exchanges. As a professional service provider of total solutions in the field of engineering mixing, NFLG is actively going abroad to expand overseas markets, participating in the transportation infrastructure construction in Indonesia and Malaysia, creating Chinese business cards with high-quality products and making contributions to the construction of "Belt and Road Initiative" with practical actions.

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