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NFLG S3 Aggregate Shaping and Sand Making Plant in Jilin Hengji


The good or bad of asphalt pavement aggregates directly affects the comprehensive quality of asphalt pavement. With the continuous high-quality development of national highway construction, the industry's demand for aggregates has grown by leaps and bounds.

Note: S3 Aggregate Shaping and Sand Making Plant. By crushing and shaping 0-40mm stone, adjusting the gradation, reducing dust and controlling water content, the finished material greatly meets the requirements of the mixing plant.

Combination of asphalt mixing plant and S3 aggregate shaping and sand making plant. The aggregate produced by S3 shaping and sand making plant has good grain size, good gradation, precise powder and water control, which improves production efficiency of back-end mixing plant, reduces energy consumption of mixing plant, saves asphalt consumption and improves pavement service life. The economic value and quality improvement of fine aggregates used in asphalt mixes have attracted widespread attention in the industry.

In recent years in AMP industry, NFLG's combination of asphalt mixing plant and S3 shaping and sand making plant is being respected by the market and winning the trust of more and more customers.

Jilin Hengji Road Building Material Co. Ltd. is an experienced and technically mature road building material production and construction contractor. It is its deep understanding of the high quality assurance of fine aggregates for asphalt mixes and the economic benefits of mixing plants that, after obtaining approval for limestone and basalt mining, in 2021 Jilin Hengji invested in a NFLGS3-1545 shaping and sand making plant in Panshi City to provide the back-end asphalt mix production with customized aggregates. With high-end, intelligent and environmental protection design concept, stable, reliable and humanized equipment quality, low equipment running cost, S3 shaping and sand making plant perfectly solves the contradiction of supply and demand quality between mixing plant owner and sand supplier.

NFLG S3 shaping and sand making plant is composed of vertical shaft impact crusher, vibrating screen, dust removal module, conveying module and other parts, which makes the complete set of sand making technology and equipment develop in the direction of green, harmonization, intelligence and service, and can realize clean production. The equipment is also equipped with self-synchronizing pair vibration motor-driven linear screen, centralized dust removal and ash collection by off-line dust cleaning and pulse dust removal, producing high quality mechanism sand with rounded grain shape, continuous uniformity and stability of grading, with no dust and low noise in the production process, realizing environmental protection, stability and high quality production of mechanism sand.

Different production modes need to be switched under different stages when the customer's raw material changes and the demand for finished material changes. The highly intelligent S3 control system can realize the memory storage and one-key selection of multiple production modes to switch, and after that control each component to precisely and autonomously cooperate in order to produce finished aggregates stably.

Aggregate accounts for more than 90% of the total asphalt mixture and is the main component of the asphalt mixture. Aggregate has an important influence on the quality of asphalt mixture and road performance. High quality aggregates cannot be achieved without advanced sand and gravel aggregate production equipment. For asphalt road aggregate shaping, NFLG S3 shaping and sand making plant, which applies the key technology of vertical shaft crushing developed by NFLG, makes the main machine with multiple functions of crushing, shaping, sand making and classifying. Through the transformation between ore and mechanism sand, it can realize the full utilization of resources.

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