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Good News| NFLG Receives Three More Orders in the Field of Construction Waste Treatment


Through the concerted efforts of all staff, NFLG stood out among the bidding teams and successfully won the bids for:

Hebei - Qinhuangdao Construction Waste Environmental Protection Comprehensive Treatment Project.

Sichuan - Meishan Construction Waste Resourcing Comprehensive Treatment Project.

Shanxi - Taiyuan Construction Waste Comprehensive Treatment Project.

Hebei - Qinhuangdao project adopts NFLG construction waste environmental protection comprehensive treatment line. It integrates feeder, jaw crusher, heavy flip-flow screen, positive pressure classifying system, manual pick-up table, cone crusher, dust collector and inclined screen. With a capacity of 200t/h after commissioning, it can resourcefully treat construction waste efficiently and create regenerative value.

Hebei - Qinhuangdao Project - Renderings

Sichuan-Meishan project is proposed to use NFLG construction waste product line, renovation waste product line, engineering waste stone product line, sand washing machine, water treatment product line, etc.

The project will have a capacity of 200t/h for construction waste resource treatment, 450t/h for engineering waste stone resource treatment and 50t/h for decoration waste resource treatment after it is put into operation.

Shanxi-Taiyuan project is equipped with a series of products such as NFLG feeder, jaw crusher, heavy flip-flow screen, positive pressure classifying system, manual pick-up table, impact crusher, horizontal screen, negative pressure lightweight material separator, dust collector, spraying system, etc. The production capacity is 250t/h after it is put into operation.

NFLG wins three projects in a row, which is the affirmation of customers and the market for NFLG's years of specialization in R&D, pragmatic innovation and efficient service.

As we all know, NFLG has been deeply engaged in the whole field of engineering mixing for more than 20 years, adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Be Professional, Be specialized, Do Better, Go further”, insisting on customer demand as the guide and technology research and development as the core driving force, and has formed an ecological closed loop of industrial chain driven by the synergy of three major sectors: Material handling, engineering mixing and construction waste treatment. Whether in the design of energy-saving and environmental protection solutions for mixing plants, or in the exploration and practice of the application value of construction waste resources and recycled products, NFLG's footsteps in the environmental protection field have never stopped.

NFLG Construction Resourcing R&D Team Visited Japan

In 2011, NFLG introduced Taiwan's mature construction waste resourcing and comprehensive disposal experience. NFLG hired experts with more than 30 years of experience from Taiwan to form a research and development team, and visited Italy, Japan and other places to investigate the local advanced construction waste comprehensive disposal park. Learning its advanced technology and concept, and combining with the characteristics of China's domestic construction waste and the current situation of treatment, NFLG successfully developed the construction waste recycling treatment equipment to realize the classification of construction waste, recycling crushing and screening, comprehensive storage fabric of products and comprehensive utilization of recycled products.

NFLG light weight separator to achieve effective separation of light materials

In the following years, NFLG has overcome the technical problem of separating light materials from recycled construction waste aggregates. The principle of negative pressure adsorption separation and positive pressure blowing separation is adopted to realize the effective separation of light materials. At the same time, NFLG has made a major breakthrough in environmental protection and energy saving, further improving the site operation environment, ensuring a healthy and environmentally friendly environment, realizing the recycling and reuse of iron metal, waste wood, waste cable plastic and micro powder centralized collection, etc., and creating an environmentally friendly and energy-saving construction waste resource recycling industrial park.

NFLG Construction Waste Resourcing Comprehensive Industrial Park Solution

It is NFLG's long and practical technical accumulation, a large number of experimental data, based on the rich experience of site practice, repeated polishing refinement, innovative ideas, to have green, intelligent, systematic construction waste resource treatment overall solutions, to win customer trust and market affirmation. The result of this golden autumn has strengthened NFLG's confidence and determination in the development of construction waste resourcing treatment. In the future, NFLG will take more firm confidence, high morale, strong initiatives, excellent solutions and equipment services to help the majority of enterprises to achieve the double victory of social value and economic value.

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