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NFLG Another Culmination of V7 Equipment|C130/149.5Mpa/220M


Recently, Guangzhou New World Zengcheng Comprehensive Development Project cracked a world-class technical problem, pumping the most advanced and highest strength C130 Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) for the first time in the industry in substantial project. According to Prof. Wen Ziyun of South China University of Technology(SCUT), "the concrete is 100% made of mechanism sand and is designed with the ratio of closely packed sand and stone, which is the first of its kind in Guangzhou and even in China, and has a very important demonstration significance for the promotion and application of manufactured sand in Guangzhou." It is worth mentioning that the manufactured sand in C130 concrete is produced by NFLG V7 fine sand making equipment!

C130 UHPC casting site

C130 UHPC was developed by the group of Yin Suhong, Vice President of Guangdong Building Materials Association and Vice Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering of SCUT, in cooperation with Guangzhou Xingye Concrete Mixing Co., Ltd. It is the highest grade of concrete formulated by the manufactured sand in China. This pumped C130 UHPC replaces the depleting natural sand with manufactured sand, which perfectly fits the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development and has revolutionary significance.

So, how strong is C130 UHPC?

The strength of C130 UHPC reaches 149.5MPa. 1㎡ of C130 concrete component can carry 15,000 tons of weight, which is equivalent to 3,000 adult elephants (the weight of elephants is about 5 tons). Such ultra-high performance concrete cannot be achieved without the help of high-quality manufactured sand, produced by NFLG V7 aggregate sand making equipment.

Manufactured sand produced by NFLG V7 aggregate sand making plant used at construction site

At present, the high-quality manufactured sand produced by NFLG V7 sand making equipment has been able to achieve stable quality to meet different sand needs of different construction projects. V7 aggregate sand making equipment produces finished sand with excellent particle shape, continuous grading, controllable stone powder content, adjustable fineness modulus and friendly environment, which has rapidly become a new model in the sand making field and continues to promote technological innovation of sand making industry.

Deeply cultivate the market of high-quality aggregates and forge high-quality national projects

In recent years, with the development of super high-rise, large-span and shaped structure buildings, project has put forward higher requirements on strength, durability and reliability of concrete. UHPC has received high attention because of its outstanding properties such as high performance, small volume, resource saving and enhanced work efficiency, which is in line with carbon neutrality and emission peak strategy and green development concept.

By enhancing the strength of C130 UHPC, the amount of concrete and formwork is reduced, and the use of formwork reinforcement components is also greatly reduced, which reduces the use of project turnover materials and material consumption and responds to the call for carbon neutrality, with significant economic and social benefits.

In fact, the selection of NFLG V7 produced manufactured sand for C130 UHPC production is by no means a coincidence, but another affirmation of NFLG's long history of fine aggregates market sophistication.

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) project represents the comprehensive strength of Chinese manufacturing. The project requires an unprecedented level of precision, proportion and other performance indicators for aggregates. Zhongshan Aggregate Plant, which provided aggregate for HZMB deck pavement, was designed by NFLG according to the requirements of HZMB. The precision, proportion and other performance indicators of aggregate produced by NFLG meet the high standards required for the construction of the bridge, which helped the construction of this project.

Not long ago, NFLG V7 aggregate sand making equipment was successfully applied to the construction of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge project. The manufactured sand is suitable for the production of high performance concrete, which greatly improves the workability and durability of concrete and effectively meets the demand for high quality production, playing an important role in the national key projects and adding new momentum to the future high quality development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.

Over the years, NFLG has continued to plow deep into the field of engineering mixing and has been based on aggregate processing and handling. We actively conduct technical research in the fields of crushing, screening, shaping, sand making and solid waste. We have provided customers with total solutions in the whole field of building materials from primary materials to solid waste recycling treatment, and witnessed the successful completion of great national projects together. In the future, NFLG will continue to actively play the advantages of scientific and technological innovation, whole industry chain solutions and intelligent manufacturing to build a new pattern of development and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

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