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Energy saving and carbon reduction, green development. NFLG RAP Aggregate Recycling Equipment applied to Jinfu Expressway


Liaoning Communications Investment Highway Technology and Maintenance Co., Ltd. selected NFLG's GLBR4000 integrated asphalt mixing plant and RAP aggregate recycling equipment for the Huangyong Expressway project in 2020. In order to further improve the technical level and engineering application effect of highway RAP, Liaoning Communications Investment added a set of NFLG RAP aggregate recycling equipment in Jinfu Expressway project in 2021. At present, the relevant research and development results have been applied in Jinfu Expressway maintenance and repair project by Liaoning Institute of Transportation Science and Research, and preliminary results have been achieved.


Since June 2021, the Liaoning Institute of Transportation Science and Research has been relying on the "Science and Technology Innovation Base for Upgrading the Utilization of Solid Waste Resources in Cold Regions" to redevelop, refine and upgrade the asphalt mixing technology. In order to ensure the smooth transformation and application of asphalt mixing technology, the technical staff of the innovation base combined with the actual situation of Jinfu Expressway project, starting from the key links of old material separation, regeneration and mix quality control, and carrying out targeted technical research to achieve significant improvement in three aspects.


1.To improve the stability of milling material through fine separation, the physical fine separation technology of asphalt pavement milling material is specially developed. The RAP material is finely separated into 3 to 5 grades according to the particle size, so that the variability of asphalt content and false particle size content in each grade of RAP material is greatly reduced, which improves the accuracy and stability of recycled mix grade design in maintenance and repair projects. (The RAR aggregate recycling equipment used in this project)

2.By optimizing the regenerant formula to enhance the performance recovery of old asphalt, we develop "one-to-one" targeted regenerants for different old material addition ratios and different mixture types, which enriches the regenerant category and achieves the best performance recovery of old asphalt.

3.The technicians improve the quality of recycled asphalt mixture through dynamic control of the whole process, and ensure that the quality of recycled asphalt pavement meets the engineering design standards by providing full process consulting services during project implementation, dynamically monitoring the quality of materials, and solving problems in a timely manner.

Liaoning Communications Investment Highway Technology and Maintenance Co., Ltd. is a company committed to scientific and technological innovation and maintenance, with more than 20 years of experience in highway maintenance and construction, giving full play to the advantages of the platform of scientific research, testing, maintenance and construction as a whole, to build core competitiveness based on scientific and technological innovation and transformation of results, to promote the deep integration of industry, academia and research, to enhance independent innovation capacity, and strive to build a "scientific research + maintenance" professional service brand.


In highway maintenance management, how to dispose of waste pavement materials is a major problem. Although the application technology of asphalt pavement reclaimed material recycling has been very common in China, the application method is relatively rough. Most applications simply screen out coarse and fine recycled aggregates without further refinement of separation, which, to a certain extent, reduces the application ratio and occasion of recycled materials and reduces the performance of asphalt recycled pavement. NFLG RAP Aggregate Recycling Equipment uses physical means to effectively separate old asphalt and old aggregates in RAP, realizes precise grade management of RAP, significantly reducing the phenomenon of false particle size and RAP material variability, effectively solving and improving the key problems that limit the amount and performance of RAP blending, truly making the best use of it.

The RAP aggregate recycling equipment applied in the FUKIN Expressway project is a new technology jointly developed by NFLG and Liaoning Research Institute of Transportation Science, which is also a highlight of the project and another example of "research + maintenance" in highway construction. In the context of the national strategy of "carbon peaking and carbon neutral", the asphalt pavement recycling technology can effectively reduce energy consumption and promote energy saving and emission reduction, which has good economic and social values

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