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NFLG Makes a Splash at Russian Seminar on Scientific Applications of Asphalt Mixing Plants



On September 22, 2021 Russian Seminar on Scientific Applications of Asphalt Mixing Plants was held in Moscow. The seminar was organized by Rosavtodor, R.O.S. Asphalt Association, etc. NFLG Russia marketing team was invited to participate together with Russian companies in the field of road construction. Rosasfalt is the most influential association of Russian manufacturers and users of asphalt concrete mixes.



The application of new asphalt mixing technology is very necessary for Russian road construction market. NFLG Russia marketing team has been committed to the promotion of new mixing equipment and technology. During the seminar, Alexey, NFLG Russia Regional Sales Manager, gave a speech with the theme of "Environmental Protection of Asphalt Mixing Plant in the World", which showed the advanced and effective application of NFLG asphalt mixing plant in energy saving and environmental protection technology, and was recognized by the guests.





NFLG always puts environmental protection, safety and stability of the equipment in the first place. The stable and efficient production, high output and easy operation of the equipment are trusted by Russian customers. In his speech, Alexey introduced the local application of NFLG's environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plants in Russia, with a lot of practical cases and a series of measures such as dust treatment, blue smoke treatment and waste recycling to illustrate NFLG's fruitful environmental solutions in asphalt plants.


At the end of the speech, Alexey also recommended RAP Screening Equipment, which can finely separate the waste asphalt material and can greatly improve the stability of RAP aggregate gradation and achieve large percentage addition, which has attracted the interest of local associations and industry personnel.


It is worth mentioning that NFLG Russia Marketing Company has become a newly promoted member of Rosasfalt. Up to now, NFLG is the only Chinese corporate brand selected for the association. Up to now, NFLG is the only Chinese corporate brand selected for the association. "Joining the association has become a new milestone in our company's development in Russia and is an important proof of the recognition of the stability and environmental friendliness of our equipment." Alexy, NFLG's regional sales manager for Russia, said that joining the association will allow NFLG to expand the possibilities of promoting professional solutions, to participate in major industry projects and to dedicate its efforts to technology and standards.


Russia is one of the main overseas markets of NFLG, and we have been working hard in this huge market for many years. In view of the severe cold climate, short construction period and special requirements for equipment in Russia, NFLG keeps improving and innovating its products to cultivate the Russian market deeply. At present, NFLG equipment has been spread all over Russia and recognized by Russian customers. In the future, NFLG will continue to adhere to technological innovation, market and customer demand-oriented, to create greater value for Russian customers.

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