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NFLG Mobile Crushing and Screening Total Solution Cracks Yunnan Mining Problem


The customer's project is located in Yunnan, and the customer is strong with a 920 million reserve mine. Previously, the customer had been relying on the sale of gross stone to obtain mine income. Due to the inherent demand of the company's business and industrial upgrading development, it needs to change the original business model to obtain greater revenue.


Witness the product quality and service, customers continuously place orders.

The customer finally chose NFLG's Tracked Mobile Screen after a number of supplier visits and comparisons. NFLG's engineering specialists tailored an efficient and convenient production process for the customer, taking into account the actual situation of the company.


One month after the equipment arrived at the construction site, the customer witnessed the intelligent performance, excellent product quality and meticulous after-sales service of NFLG equipment on site, and immediately decided to purchase 2 Tracked Mobile Screen Equipments again. At present, the site production consists of 2 NFLG Tracked Mobile Screen NFS550, 1 transfer belt (made by the customer), 1 Tracked Mobile Screen NFS350 as well as 2 excavators and 2 loaders.

On average, the equipment was used for 20 hours of continuous screening and blasting operations a day, with two of the equipment processing over 700 tons per hour, which greatly exceeded the customer's previous expectations. In addition, NFLG engineering service personnel provided equipment delivery training, on-site hand-holding operation guidance, on-site service and other attentive services, all laying a solid foundation for the continuous production operation of the project equipment.

For NFLG's overall solution, the project manager said, "We are very glad that we finally chose NFLG's Tracked Mobile Screen, because our raw materials are special, the domestic common screening equipment has been our biggest problem in the application of working conditions. The NFLG equipment can be adjusted in real time in terms of working angle, speed and amplitude, and the intelligent production line operation can solve the most painful problems such as jamming, blocking and unclean sieving, etc. NFLG is not only selling, but also the overall solution, which has solved many difficulties for us, and we are proud of such high technology products for the national industry.

Flexible and mobile, screen first and crush later to maximize economic benefits

Due to the reason of mine blasting, the shape of the raw materials of the project is long and stripy in proportion, and occupies a large amount of topsoil, which have high technical requirements for screening equipment, and ordinary screening equipment cannot handle such special working conditions. The NFLG Tracked Mobile Screen, which is specially designed for screening of sticky and wet materials, has good anti-blocking effect and can solve the problem of unclean screening and blockage effectively.


Innovation. Adopt the process of screening first and then crushing.

The traditional solution is to crush first and then screen, but the overall cost of production will remain high and the capacity will not be fully released. NFLG's process allows the raw materials to be screened directly without crushing, allowing the entire production line to achieve the best economic efficiency for each grade of raw materials. In addition, NFLG equipment is easy to move in the rugged operating crushing area, also laid a solid foundation for a more reasonable layout solution.


Combined with the customer's production line and resources, we make full use of each grade of stone to maximize economic benefits: 0-20mm screen out material, 0-10mm for mine reclamation, 10-20mm for export or sand making; 0-30mm screen out material, 0-10mm for mine reclamation, 10-30mm for export or sand making; 30-50mm screen out material, as 47 stone, burn lime; 50-70mm screen out material, as 58 stone, burn lime.


The market choice is always the report card to measure the excellence of a product, NFLG mobile crushing always insists on "product and service together" to provide customers with worry-free service throughout the product life cycle, which has won the recognition of many customers. In the future, NFLG will continue to insist on doing practical things with a focused heart, helping customers to achieve comprehensive advantages through total solutions, and moving forward together to the road of low carbon, high quality and sustainable development.

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