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Why choose the integrated machine of mechanical sand and dry mix?


Dry mortar production is becoming more and more closely related to the production of machine-made sand. According to the common industry practice in the past, it is necessary to invest in both a mechanism sand production equipment and a dry mortar production equipment. However, due to the high price of the equipment, the large footprint, and the need to consider the quality of the finished product as well as the environmental factors such as dust and noise in the production process, the defects in the intermediate transfer of sand and gravel and the convenience of the equipment system control are becoming more and more obvious.

The market is in urgent need of a integrated machine of sand making and dry mortar equipment with low investment cost, good quality of finished products, small floor space and green intelligence. Therefore, NFLG developed FBLS type sand making + FBT type dry mortar integrated equipment, which has strong applicability in production and can be used to produce masonry, plaster, flooring mortar, common gypsum plaster mortar and so on. The sand making line and dry mix main building are both tower structure. The production process is arranged from top to bottom. The production is more smooth and the cross pollution of raw materials is small. The sand making + dry mix integrated equipment is reasonably designed, occupying a small area, using the overall optimized design of the concrete frame instead of the steel structure of the two equipment main building. The equipment structure is compact and stable, which can also reduce the purchase cost of equipment, and the combination design reduces the intermediate links and uses relatively low energy consumption.


Once the equipment was launched, it was very popular in the market. In recent years, NFLG sand making + dry mixing equipment has been blooming all over the country. At present, this equipment has more than 40 production application cases in the country, including a group of equipment represented by Liaoning Longyun, Shaanxi Heyang Fengyu, Xuchang Tengfei, Hunan Liuyang Teping, Jiangsu Hongsheng, Hubei Xingkai and other projects. Customer feedback is that the sand formation rate is high, the use cost is low, and the sand has good grain shape and stable grading, which further ensures stable mortar quality and the output meets the demand. Because of its good reputation and high market share, NFLG dry mortar mixing equipment was awarded "Single Champion Product of Dry Mortar Production Equipment in Manufacturing Industry" by the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Federation of Industrial Economics in April 2020.

Sand + Dry Mixing Equipment Application Cases (Part)

2.webpNFLG sand + dry-mixing equipment applied in Jiangsu Hongsheng

3.webpNFLG sand + dry mix two-in-one equipment applied in Liaoning Longyun

4.webpNFLG sand + dry mix two-in-one equipment applied in Shengzhou Lutong

5.webpNFLG Sand + Dry Mixing Plant for Liuyang Taiping

NFLG sand making + dry-mix equipment, through the integrated planning of aggregate to dry-mix mortar, enables customers to make more reasonable planning of material yard and production plant. In the production of dry-mix mortar, through the joint production of mechanism sand and dry-mix mortar, it can solve the problem of continuous and stable quality and supply cost of dry-mix raw materials, effectively ensure the quality of products, and win the recognition of industrial chain customers.


With accurate metering system, excellent mixing performance and different finished product solutions, this integrated equipment allows customers to have a more complete product chain and better control of product quality and cost. As a matter of fact, NFLG is the first company in China to enter the field of dry mortar mixing research and development and continuous innovation. 2001, the domestic dry mortar production equipment is still in the concept stage, NFLG with a long-term development vision to see the future development potential of this industry, from the bold introduction of mature technology, digestion and absorption, to the current development of the core technology with independent intellectual property rights. In this manufacturing technology in China, NFLG is the early manufacturer who independently mastered the complete set of process and technology. In the future, NFLG will continue to serve the majority of mortar enterprises, to achieve green and high-quality development of the industry into a new concept, a new model, to create greater value for customers.

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