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Home News NFLG at bauma exhibition again gains customers\' favor, triggering another round of signing peak

NFLG at bauma exhibition again gains customers' favor, triggering another round of signing peak



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Jiangxi Jiading Industrial Investment Xunwu County Fenglei Building Material Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xie, Chairman of Jiangxi Jiading Industry, came to NFLG and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NFLG at bauma Shanghai.


Jiangxi Jiading won the bid in September 2020, Wufeng basalt mining rights. The mine reserves up to 30 million tons, the mining scale of the largest annual output of 3 million tons. Jiangxi Jiading as a high-quality basalt stone enterprise, purchased NFLG equipment to produce first-class basalt high-quality high-grade stone.  Jiangxi Jiading is located in Ganzhou City, which is known as the Kingdom of Rare Earths and the World Capital of Tungsten. The company's business scope includes: mineral resources mining, mineral resources exploration, road transportation, modern agriculture, new materials technology research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-performance fibers and composite materials, cement production and sales, sales of building materials, sales of concrete structure components, etc. In Ganzhou, the company has a number of commercial mixers.



In the interview after the signing of the agreement, Mr. Xie, Chairman of Jiangxi Jiading, said that after experiencing NFLG's products and services, he appreciated NFLG's quality, craftsmanship, and service philosophy, and would promote further cooperation between the company and NFLG in the future, hoping that we can work together to achieve mutual success.

Meanwhile, since the bauma exhibition in Shanghai, many companies have signed up to purchase NFLG equipment, and many of the star exhibits NFLG exhibited at the show were sold out immediately. This also proves that NFLG has been insisting on specializing, refining, delving, and thoroughness in mixing, and the engineering mixing ecosystem built by NFLG is being recognized by more and more customers.





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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT