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NFLG Live Streaming Gathered Big Stars for the Second Day of bauma CHINA 2020



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The second day of Bauma Exhibition in Shanghai, NFLG had a lot of visitors inside and outside the exhibition hall, and there were many customers visiting, observing and negotiating with NFLG. In addition, NFLG's live broadcast was also very lively. A number of "big shots" from the company's business department entered the NFLG live broadcast to explain the development trend of the whole construction mixing industry and answer questions about the hot issues of the industry.




Mr. Zhai, Director of NFLG Asphalt Division

On the morning of the 25th, Mr. Zhai, Director of NFLG Asphalt Division, came into the live broadcast and introduced the product development history of NFLG Asphalt Mixing Plant for 23 years to the audience. He said that in addition to leading technology and product diversification, NFLG also achieved "safety, stability, energy saving and environmental protection" in the product development process, and the safety and stability of the products helped NFLG win more attention from customers.


For this bauma exhibition, Mr. Zhai said, NFLG brought many new asphalt equipment, such as GLBR4000 Integral Asphalt Mixing Plant, RFL1200 Steel Jacketed Hot Air Furnace, GTRQ200 Counterflow Full Regeneration Drum, GTL500 Continuous Asphalt Drying and Mixing Plant, etc. In addition, he also said that the continuous asphalt plant promoted by NFLG is based on the NFLGS3 aggregate shaping and sand making equipment to enter the asphalt plant, which will not have the problem of aggregate lifting and screening, and at the same time has great advantages in environmental protection, which also responds to the call of "green mountains are golden silver mountains".

Mr. Zhou, Director of NFLG Solid Waste Division

In the afternoon of 25th, Mr. Zhou introduced NFLG's fixed crushing products to domestic and foreign customers through a live broadcast.According to Zhou, NFLG launched the V7 sand machine and S3 sand shaping machine in 2012, and quickly occupied the domestic high-end market of fine sand machine. Continuing this good momentum, in recent years, NFLG, focusing on the field of high-quality aggregate production equipment, has developed fixed crushing series of production equipment.


When talking about the future situation of the fixed crushing industry and NFLG's core competitiveness, Zhou said, "NFLG should not only do a good job on a single host machine, but also on the whole line, and achieve the best in terms of equipment layout, related supporting and environmental protection.  Combined with NFLG's downstream products, the combination of aggregate crushing, shaping, sand making, commercial concrete mixing equipment, dry powder mixing equipment, asphalt mixing equipment, construction waste treatment equipment, forming a complete building materials industry chain, from sand and gravel to roads, from sand and gravel to construction, providing customers with an all-round integrated solution, which is NFLG's core competitiveness."


At the end of the broadcast, Minister Zhou did not forget to "bring the goods". He told the audience that NFLG had brought four new products for stationary crushing equipment to the bauma exhibition.  He introduced the A9S for coarse crushing, the single cylinder cone GC500S for medium crushing, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone VC1500 for fine crushing, and the US598 host for aggregate shaping and sand making, which has the largest capacity of shaping and sand making for stones and cobbles in China. The US598 machine is a combination of crushing, shaping, sand making and grading, with a single main mechanism sand capacity of up to 200 tons per hour, or 600 tons per hour of shaping material. Whether it is plastic material or institutional sand, the grain type is relatively good, the aggregate surface microscopic no cracking. It is a very good aggregate fine processing equipment.

Mr. Zhou, NFLG Marketing Director

On the afternoon of the 25th, Mr. Zhou was interviewed by the China Construction Machinery Information Network. Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, many industries are seeking stable development. When it comes to the view of the future of construction machinery, Mr. Zhou said that since the epidemic occurred, a large number of infrastructure investment pulled the rapid development of the construction machinery industry. Under the advocated new pattern of speeding up the construction of the domestic large cycle and the mutual promotion of the double cycle, enterprises are also faced with new development opportunities. But when it comes to the core, firstly, NFLG always insists on fine manufacturing, continuously absorbing the most advanced technology, and then creating good equipment with excellent quality; secondly, NFLG provides customers with overall solutions, realizes service optimization and improvement, and truly creates more value for customers.


Driven by a new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the IoT, Zhou said that NFLG is now actively practicing the digital production workshop concept in its production. NFLG's digital workshop reduces the loss of logistics, time and resources, and improves production efficiency.  At the same time, NFLG also dovetails advanced IoT technology, artificial intelligence and talent training through the Mixing Academy platform, improving the comprehensive quality and professionalism of its staff.

Mr. Dong, Director of NFLG Dry Mixing Division

In the afternoon of 25, Dong said in a live broadcast that NFLG started to enter the field of dry mortar mixing since 2001. After a series of technology introduction and independent research and development, NFLG became one of the earliest manufacturers in China to master the complete set of technology and techniques independently, and won the recognition of many famous international mortar giants after years of development.


NFLG mechanism dry-mix two-in-one equipment can be used to produce masonry, plastering, flooring mortar, ordinary gypsum plaster mortar, etc. It has strong applicability in production, and the sand making line and the dry mix main building are both tower structured, so the production process is arranged from top to bottom, which makes the production smooth, covers a small area and consumes relatively low energy.


The mortar has been successfully put into production in many places and has been well received by customers. Because of its high product threshold, easy transportation and wide radiation range, the mortar has produced many internationally famous brands. NFLG's dry mortar equipment is also relying on these international mortar giants to expand its territory globally and quickly embark on the road of internationalization, and NFLG has made great and solid achievements in internationalization.

In addition to the live broadcast, NFLG's equipment exhibition area also had relevant technical personnel to explain and introduce the equipment. You can see wonderful equipment explanations in the automatic construction waste sorting robot, the S3 plastic sand making demonstration site, and the A9S jawbreaker demonstration site.




More exciting, continue tomorrow!Stay tuned to the official NFLG Facebook and NFLG Live!  For more information on the show and products, you can also follow NFLG's official WeChat or visit the NFLG website ( to learn more about the equipment and show.


Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT