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Home News In-depth analysis of the industry development, bauma CHINA 2020 NFLG live broadcast continues.

In-depth analysis of the industry development, bauma CHINA 2020 NFLG live broadcast continues.



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On November 26th, Bauma Shanghai entered its third day. Even though it was rainy today, the visitors were still enthusiastic. The bauma exhibition is already halfway through, but there is still a lot of excitement inside and outside the halls. The NFLG booth continues to warmly welcome every visitor to the show. Today, NFLG's live broadcast was even more exciting, with a number of company leaders answering questions on NFLG's marketing strategy, product development, industrial services and other hot issues for domestic and international audiences.


NFLG CEO Dr. Keli Zuo

After two years, NFLG has made a counter-attack on bauma CHINA 2020. This year, bauma is the largest exhibition area and the most new products released by NFLG in the past. Mr. Zuo said that NFLG exhibited more than 30 products in this exhibition with an area of more than 2,500 square meters, most of which are market-tested products and many of which are new products researched and developed by NFLG.


As for NFLG's international development strategy, Mr. Zuo told the world that NFLG had proposed a global overseas marketing strategy a few years ago. Over the past few years, NFLG has leveraged China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative to deepen the strategic layout of overseas market development, based on in-depth expansion in key regions, strengthening the construction of overseas marketing team, continuously improving product quality, and meticulous cultivation, which has successively provided assistance for overseas infrastructure construction and earned NFLG a good reputation overseas. It's becoming more and more apparent every day. Now, it is very common to see NFLG's asphalt, commercial mix and other equipment overseas.

The current overseas epidemic situation is even more severe. Foreign customers can not enter, domestic enterprises can not go out. The impact on the export of traditional construction machinery manufacturing industry is self-evident. But this also forces our enterprises to pay attention to online marketing and management.  In this regard, Mr. Zuo introduced that, affected by the new crown epidemic, during this period of time, NFLG's overseas department has also done a lot of efforts, and some overseas projects are being pushed forward in an orderly manner. At the same time, we have also increased our online marketing efforts. For example, at this year's bauma exhibition, we also tried to showcase our offline exhibitions online, and did overseas live broadcasts through an online platform to showcase our latest and most comprehensive product information and the explosive on-site atmosphere to our overseas customers and friends through a cloud platform.

Jiang Xiaohui, Deputy Director of Mobile Crushing Division

During the live broadcast on the 26th, Jiang introduced NFLG's new mobile crushing and screening equipment for Bauma 2020, including the NFJ1480 Tracked Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant, NFC1300S Tracked Mobile Cone Crushing Plant, NFI1313RS Tracked Mobile Impact Crushing Plant, NFS780 Tracked Mobile Horizontal Screen, NFS550CZ Tracked The mobile slack screen and 300t/h high capacity hard rock production line (model). The NFJ1480 and NFC1300S mobile crushing equipment have been successfully applied in the market and won the affirmation and praise of customers.


At the new product conference on the evening of the 24th, NFLG also recommended the 300t/h high output hard rock production line to customers. Jiang said, mobile crushing equipment can be pulled on the go, a stop on the use of free foundation, free power, convenient and fast. The comprehensive cost is also lower than the fixed.  The future of mobile crushing equipment will be conducive to the development of environmental protection in the direction of energy conservation, to a certain extent, to ensure that less dust, low noise and vibration as far as possible.


As for the future development of mobile crushing, Jiang emphasized that there is no shortcut to the development of mobile crushing, only innovation. NFLG hopes to provide customers with safe and stable mobile crushing equipment with unmanned operation, and hopes to create more value for customers through its lean design and production in the future.

NFLG's Director of Industrial Services Division, Mr. Zhonghuang Lin

In the past, after-sales service was dedicated to ensuring the stability of equipment production and was more of a reactive service. According to Lin, NFLG now offers a proactive and preventive service approach that takes the form of regular inspections, tracking of customer usage, and core component life analysis to provide a holistic solution to the customer's service needs. We no longer provide maintenance services for just one point of failure, but rather address customer needs at their root.


Product lifecycle industrial service refers to the whole process of product service from the demand, planning, design, production, installation, commissioning, use, maintenance until the equipment enters the phase of obsolescence, upgrading and remanufacturing, to provide customers with a full range of solutions. Mr. Lin said that NFLG has started to provide customers with "value management services throughout the product life cycle".


In terms of timeliness, NFLG strives to become a one-stop parts supplier, relying on a powerful information platform, building an "Internet + industry chain" platform, and adjusting safety stock through parts usage tracking data. 32 large parts centers nationwide are equipped with four first-class parts depots, a huge parts reserve system covering the national parts supply. The network, the fast logistics supply system to ensure the timely supply of spare parts. We have set up an online parts store to quickly check parts prices and place orders, said Mr. Lin.

Finally, Mr. Lin quoted the words of NFLG's Chairman Fang Qingxi, "The quality of equipment is reflected in its service life, operating costs, and used equipment prices, and our service is dedicated to providing life-cycle services for new and old equipment, so that equipment can be used with peace of mind, assured and lasting. The only way to truly win customers and hearts is to provide the best service possible.

Deng Qingyang, Director of NFLG Commercial Mixing Division

Talking about the exhibits, Mr. Deng introduced NFLG HZS180J Container Plant, 3m³ Vertical Shaft Planetary Mixer and other star products. Mr. Deng said that NFLG's commercial mixer products have been imitated and never surpassed.  NFLG constantly finds new demands from customers, and develops HD video monitoring for the main machine, and solves the problem of shaft holding for the mixer, which saves labor, improves efficiency and saves cost.


Deng introduced that NFLG's newly developed HZS120J and HZS180J containerized cement concrete mixing plant has the advantages of safety, stability, environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence and quick installation. The 3m³ vertical axis planetary mixer is an advanced technology equipment that can meet different concrete quality characteristics, advanced new mixing ratio and non-traditional aggregate mixing requirements.



Deng also said that the future of concrete should be in the direction of high strength, high performance and precast. NFLG puts environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction at the top of its product development, and strives to become a zero-emission and pollution-free green intelligent mixing plant.

In addition to the live broadcast, there are also marketing and technical personnel in the NFLG equipment exhibition area to explain and introduce the equipment, as well as in the mobile crushing and screening equipment exhibition area and the construction waste treatment equipment area. You can see the wonderful live broadcast explanation.



November 27th is the last day of Bauma Shanghai. NFLG is still available to meet you at booth A38/B40!  For more information about the show and products, please visit NFLG's official WeChat or the NFLG website.


Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT