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Home News NFLG will be exhibited at the 20th Russian Construction Machinery Exhibition

NFLG will be exhibited at the 20th Russian Construction Machinery Exhibition


The 20th RUSSIA international construction and construction machinery exhibition (Bauma CTT RUSSIA 2019) will be held in Moscow on June 4, 2019 solstice 7. CTT exhibition is one of the largest and most influential engineering machinery and technology exhibitions in Russia, central Asia and Eastern Europe. Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NFLG) (booth NO.: 14-520), a regular exhibitors of CTT in Russia, will bring asphalt, concrete mixing, dry mixing and other mixing equipment to the exhibition.



Russia is an important market for the overseas distribution of NFLG, for many years, NFLG continue to develop and operate in the Russian market. In addition, the "One Belt And One Road" strategy proposed by China provides opportunities for Russia's development and geographical advantages for the two countries to expand cooperation in infrastructure construction. NFLG in Russia has a number of sets of asphalt, concrete mixing equipment, to help Russia's infrastructure construction, and by environmental protection, efficient, intelligent, system and other performance won the customer's praise.

Application cases (Partial)

3.webpVyksa   NFLG GLB1500 Asphalt mixing plant

4.webpKazan    NFLG LB2000 Asphalt mixing plant

5.webpVolga  NFLG GLB3000 Asphalt mixing plant

6.webpSamara   NFLG LB1500 Asphalt mixing plant

7.webp Nizhni Novgorod   NFLG GLB1500 Asphalt mixing plant

8.webpOrenburg    NFLG LB1500 Asphalt mixing plant

As the representative of national brand, NFLG, on the basis of leading the domestic market and relying on advanced equipment and advanced technology, has been constantly expanding the broad domestic and overseas market, and the products are sold to Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania, and have gained the favor of more and more overseas customers.

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