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Deep roots in overseas markets NFLG was presented at the 20th Russian construction machinery exhibition


Bauma CTT RUSSIA 2019 opened on June 4, 2019, at Klokus international convention center, in Moscow. The exhibition is one of the largest construction machinery exhibitions in Russia and Eastern Europe. It has a long history and has become one of the global construction machinery exhibition (BAUMA) series of Munich exhibition group in recent years. The exhibition attracted more than 500 exhibitors from 24 countries including China, Germany, Italy and Finland. Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NFLG) (booth NO.: 14-520), a regular exhibitors of Bauma CTT in Russia, will bring asphalt, concrete mixing, dry mixing and other mixing equipment to the exhibition.


Visitors consult the staff for product information

At the exhibition, new and old customers stop at the booth constantly to consult relevant product information. Our reception staff introduced the equipment technology to customers with enthusiasm and patience, and answered customers' questions. Some visitors said that NFLG’s equipment is not rare in Russia, and the service and quality of NFLG is well-known, so they came here specially to get a close understanding of the equipment. Furthermore some old customers on the scene knocked orders to NFLG again.





NFLG equipment used in the vast land of Russia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Russia. China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is at its best in history. In 2018, bilateral trade exceeded us $100 billion, a record high. In the current complex situation of sluggish international trade and investment and increasing protectionism, the remarkable achievements of China-Russia economic and trade cooperation are all the more commendable. Major cooperation projects between China and Russia in energy, transportation, agriculture and other fields are being implemented steadily, which provides excellent cooperation opportunities and broader development space for the construction machinery industry of the two countries. As an excellent representative of national brands, NFLG will surely achieve satisfactory results in the 20th Bauma CTT RUSSIA 2019 exhibition.


The staff patiently answered visitors' questions

In the future, NFLG will continue to support national policies, actively implement the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, contribute to the cause of bilateral economic and trade cooperation with exquisite technology, advanced equipment and quality service, and provide the "name card of Chinese wisdom" for the regional infrastructure construction along the "One Belt And One Road".

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