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“2019 Bauma” kicks off in Germany: NFLG is here for you!


Bauma, the world-famous event for the construction machinery industry has grandly opened its door on 8th April in Munich, Germany. With 614,000 square meters of space, Bauma has grown once again this year. A total of 3,500 exhibitors from about 60 countries are showing their innovations here in Munich.More than 600,000 professional visitors have attended this fair who come from roughly 200 countries. “Bauma Germany”is the largest and best-performing exhibition in the field of international construction machinery which is held every three years. Therefore, it is generally known as the “Olympics” in the industry of engineering machinery.


Certainly,Chinese enterprises won’t miss such a splendid event.NFLG, as a representative, not only attended this fair, but also was invited to present at the promotion conference for “Made in China “engineering machinery brand at “Bauma Germany” ,where our series of models for overall solution has made its debut. Through this show, exhibitors from all over the world witnessed the unique charm of NFLG.

The so-called overall solution, NFLG has been always engaging in the mixing industry of commercial concrete, asphalt and dry mortar on the basis of the specialization of the mixing technology. However,NFLG has also paid attention to refined aggregate manufacturing field, covering the recycling and disposal of raw material and recycled aggregate, aiming to make the best use of resources and have the whole industry chain integrated organically,creating virtuous cycle.


Our exhibition hall was located at 314B,hall C5, in which a large amount of visitors from various countries were attracted on the first day. According to our detailed presentation, all visitors not only got a brand-new understanding for NFLG in the filed of R&D and innovation,but also expressed their high recognition for its overall solution, meanwhile the powerful charm of “made in China” has deeply rooted in the present customers’ mind.


In addition, at the exhibition, NFLG showed the visitors plenty of successful projects as well, including every product design based on local condition and each customized production. All the above greatly proves that NFLG is always building around people,sticking to high-quality and professional service. And much praise was given by a lot of involved visitors.


As a professional manufacturer and service provider in the whole engineering mixing industry,NFLG has been a universally recognized “technical school”and become the pronoun of high quality for its 30 years’ effort, whose product technology is comparable with the first-class brands in the whole world. Profession and specialization has become a quality symbol of which NFLG is proud.


In recent years, NFLG has proposed an overseas marketing strategy of “extreme technology,optimal service, high-end positioning and global market”. With the strategy of “One Belt, One Road”moving further, our products have been exported to more than 70 countries and areas ,gradually taking Chinese spirit of “keep improving” to the overseas customers.


The overseas market has always been an indispensable strategic area for NFLG,which is also a market where our sales and service teams will continue to explore and expand in the future. “2019 Bauma Germany” is a window for NFLG to showcase the strength of made-in-China technology and innovation to overseas markets, and it’s also an excellent opportunity for NFLG to improve its brand awareness. In the future, NFLG will insist on manufacturing high-quality products to promote Chinese brands to the international market, seeking mutual development and cooperation, pushing made-in-China construction machinery and equipment to get into foreign countries

Our booth is at 314B ,Hall C5,” 2019 Bauma Germany” will be held from April 8th to 14th, lasting for 7 days. We hereby sincerely invite you and all your representatives at home and abroad to take a visit! NFLG will continue to share some wonderful information with you from this event. Please keep attention!

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