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Focusing on Mixing and Carrying on Advancing



Phuket Island is located in the south of Thailand. The landscape there with lush coconut groves and sunshine beach is so intoxicating. While 2019 Annual Marketing Meeting of NFLG was successfully held here on Jan. 13th -14th . The chairman of NFLG Mr. Fang Qingxi, the general manager Mr. Fang Kai, the senior executive teams , the domestic and overseas agent ,the market managers and industrial service core staffs and the engineers from every product department, totally more than 200 people attended the annual meeting. They got together to summarize the past and approach a new development plan, in order to achieve bigger success in the secondary business ventures and global market. 


Mr. Yang Zengting firstly  make a marketing report to the conference. In 2018,NFLG has been keeping advancing the strategy of “the secondary business ventures and go global”. And due to the efforts of all the staffs,  the set goals set by the company were completed successfully. In 2019, our marketing work will keep developing, to hope for new achievements.


Mr. Xi Xing, the vice-minister of Industrial Service Department made a work report of industrial service work in last year. In 2018, NFLG has been continuing to make improvements on the equipment installation, after-sales service and professional team building. Through the good platform——Institute of Mixing, we disseminate professional knowledge and services continuously. Through unremitting efforts,our brand value is prominent increasingly. In the future, the staffs of Industrial Service Department will conform to the new requirements of the market,in order to create value for customers.


The representatives of agents also made speech one by one. They sumed up experiences from the aspects of market and oneself, and analysed the requirements of customers and improvement measures.


At the conference, Mr. Fang Kai emphasized that, making plans and finding methods were the first step; all the ideas should be eventually implemented. He said,the safety, quality,environmental performance had become the market’s basic requirements. This required NFLG and agents must pay more attention to our own construction. Time and tide wait for no man,in 2019,everyone need to make firm progress.


Mr. Fang Qingxi said, no man is wise at all times, to make quick bucks or to make long-term development plan was a really important question,that need you to think deeply and carefully. From the perspective of industrial development, producing a single kind of products wouldn’t get long term development. To make systemic reform plans is the trend of the times. Now what we can be sure is that, a whole-life-cycle systematic technical service based on high-quality products is right the best solution. Grasping the chance, as well not giving up to make efforts,we have a long way to go, and can’t slack off.


To sum up the past is to better meet the future. Back in 2018,in terms of market development, industrial services and safety management,there is no lack of outstanding teams, outstanding individuals with sincere efforts to win brilliant results. So NFLG awarded trophies and prizes to advanced teams and individuals,to encourage everyone to make persistent efforts.

112.webpSales Champion Award

12.webpBest Project Award

13.webpBest Execution Award

14.webpBest Market Development Award

15.webpBest Service Management Award

16.webpBest Accessory Sales Award

17.webpBest Installation Quality Award

18.webpBest Safety Management Award

19.webpSales Star Award

20.webpExcellent Product Manager

21.webpExcellent Regional Manager

22.webpExcellent Product Supervisor

23.webpExcellent Service Manager



At the end of the meeting,each regional agent signed the 2019 performance target statements with the company.




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