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Asphalt recycling and application technical seminars in Taiwan


On August 22, NFLG asphalt recycling and application technical seminar was held in Taiwan. Nearly 40 distinguished guests, including Mr. Fang Kai, general manager of NFLG, Mr. yang zengjing, marketing director, Mr. Zhai zixiong, minister of asphalt division, Mr. Zhuo jinrong, manager of asphalt division of Taiwan Minfeng Industrial Co., Ltd., experts from the research and application field of asphalt mixing and well-known local enterprises in Taiwan, attended the meeting.


The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the research, development and application of new materials and production technologies for asphalt mixture under the current environmental protection situation and local environmental protection policies. Mr. Fang Kai, general manager of NFLG, said at the meeting that the environmental protection problem is more and more important, how to reduce pollution is a difficult problem that asphalt mixture manufacturers have been seeking to solve. As a professional research and development manufacturer of asphalt mixing equipment, how to make the asphalt mixing plant more environment-friendly and energy-saving has always been the direction of NFLG's efforts. By this technical exchange in Taiwan is also intended to share with colleagues the technical research and development results of NFLG in the field of environmental-friendly asphalt mixing equipment.


Then, Mr. Zhuo jinrong said that they cooperated with NFLG in 2017, purchased a set of asphalt mixing equipment LB3000 + RLB2000 from NFLG. Mr. Zhuo said that he first met NFLG at Shanghai BMW exhibition in 2016, which made him feel that the improvement of the mainland's mechanical manufacturing capability, no matter in terms of quality, production process, mechanical performance and so on, made him sit up and take notice. After a long deliberation, he finally chose to cooperate with NFLG. From field trips, planning and trial operation, the asphalt mixing plant from NFLG has good performance in production, automation, energy conservation and environmental protection. We hope to continue our cooperation with NFLG in the future. At the same time, Mr. Zhuo, on behalf of general manager Lin zhishi, presented the banner of "reliable high quality supplier of asphalt mixing equipment" to  show his recognition of NFLG.



Subsequently, Mr. Zhai zixiong, shared the "application and case of environmental-friendly asphalt mixing equipment" with the president. he pointed out that the environmental protection standard of environmental-friendly asphalt mixing equipment of NFLG is strict, and the whole process from storage, transportation, heating, mixing of asphalt and aggregate to discharging and leaving the factory realizes environmental protection operation, reduce harmful smoke, flowing dust and high energy consumption generated in the production process, and we also providing an effective solution for asphalt mixture production enterprises.


The participants also had in-depth exchanges with the technical of Minfeng industry regarding their concerns and technical details. After the meeting, the participants visit Minfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. check the production and operation of the first asphalt mixing equipment of NFLG in Taiwan. Through the discussions and site visits, the high quality and service of NFLG were impressed by people.

NFLG LB3000 + RLB2000 asphalt mixing equipment adopts 342 structural forms, i.e. 3000 type equipment uses 4000 type main machine and 4000 type dust collector, which are matched with 2000 type hot recycling plant. This structure fully exerts the equipment's productivity advantages and improves the production efficiency. At the same time, the electric heater is used to heat asphalt instead of the heat transfer oil asphalt heating tank, which has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, reducing carbon dioxide emission and so on. In addition, the back yard automatic feeding large material storehouse is used to reduce the operation of loaders and dust emission, protect the environment and save energy, and reduce the operating cost of enterprises.







The asphalt mixing plant has always been criticized for its harmful flue gas, dust emission and high energy consumption. The fully environmentally-friendly asphalt mixing equipment from NFLG to realize the environmentally-friendly operation of the entire production process of asphalt mixture, effectively controlling the problems of harmful flue gas, flowing dust and high energy consumption generated in the production process, and has become a pioneer in the environmental protection transformation of the asphalt mixing station.



The successful holding of this technical exchange meeting not only showed the participants the strength and advantages of the asphalt mixture mixing equipment of NFLG. As a pioneer in environmental protection, the asphalt mixing equipment of NFLG has been highly recognized by our customers for its outstanding advantages of good performance, good stability, high efficiency and low consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, NFLG win high praise for its meticulous, considerate and professional spirit in the whole process from design and manufacture to installation services.

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In 1978, Minfeng industry took root on the banks of Taiwan's daan creek, providing the best quality sand and gravel raw materials for construction in Taiwan. It grew up with Taiwan's economy. After 40 years of development, now it has ready mix, sand and gravel, construction, building materials, asphalt and other divisions under its flag to meet various construction needs. From traffic construction, energy construction, public facilities, civil residence, leisure construction and asphalt engineering, Minfeng has been involved.

Committed to R&D, innovation, better quality and higher efficiency, Minfeng has been working hard for decades. Minfeng's R&D concept and precision technology have repeatedly won the professional quality certification of building materials; in pursuit of quality, Minfeng will invest in the establishment of various professional and advanced production equipment, and will not hesitate to develop new possibilities for products, and pursue a new bureau for construction materials.

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