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“Guarding the same blue sky”Environmental-friendly Asphalt Mixing Equipment of NFLG Applied to Taiwan


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In 1978, Minfeng Industrial took root in the Da'an River in Taiwan and provided the best quality sand and gravel raw materials to Taiwan for construction and use. It has grown together with the Taiwanese economy. After 40 years of development, it now has ready-mixed, sandstone and construction, building materials, asphalt and other business departments to meet the construction needs of all aspects. From transportation construction, energy construction, public facilities, residential buildings, leisure construction, and asphalt engineering, Minfeng has been involved.

Committed to R&D, innovation, better quality and higher efficiency, Minfeng has been working hard for decades. Minfeng's R&D concept and precision technology have repeatedly won the professional quality certification of building materials; in pursuit of quality, excellence, Minfeng We will invest in the establishment of various professional and advanced production equipment, and will not hesitate to develop new possibilities for products, and pursue a new bureau for creating materials.


Application areas: rural pavement, highway pavement

Equipment model: LB3000+RLB2000

Production time: 2018

Equipment area: Taiwan

Equipment Highlights: Environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plant, thermal regeneration, 342 structure


Minfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in transportation construction, energy construction, public facilities, civil housing, leisure construction and asphalt engineering. In 2017, after many investigations and comparisons, Minfeng Industrial finally purchased the LB3000+RLB2000 asphalt mixing equipment from NFLG to expand its production capacity.

Bring into production capacity and improve production efficiency

The LB3000+RLB2000 asphalt mixing equipment purchased by Minfeng Industrial adopts the structural form of 342, that is, the 4000 type of equipment uses 4000 type main engine and 4000 type dust collector, and is equipped with 2000 type thermal regeneration. The production capacity of the equipment has been fully utilized and the production efficiency has been improved.

After more than one year of design, installation and commissioning work, in January 2018, the LB300+RLB2000 asphalt mixture mixing equipment designed and manufactured by NFLG for Taiwan customers was officially put into operation. This is the first asphalt mixing equipment of NFLG in Taiwan, and the asphalt mixing equipment specially designed for Taiwan customers.

Mr. Zhuo Jinrong, manager of Minfeng Industrial Asphalt Division, said that when selecting asphalt equipment, the output must be large, the heating temperature of the recycled materials should be guaranteed, and the other is that the overall emissions of the equipment should meet the government requirements. The equipment of NFLG can meet these needs very well. After several communication techniques, the design was confirmed. At the same time, the site went to the construction site to visit the actual production and operation of the equipment, and also visited the asphalt pavement site to view the construction. In the situation, I finally felt that the equipment and technical capabilities of NFLG exceeded the existing equipment manufacturers in Taiwan, and finally chose NFLG.


The asphalt mixing equipment has obvious technical advantages such as simple and flexible supporting, mature and reliable production process, excellent quality and controllable finished materials. According to the manager of the site, the asphalt mixing equipment currently produces more than 50,000 tons of finished materials, an average of 1800 tons per day, and can complete 10 hours of work in the past day in about 7 hours,currently more than the expected output of 240 tons per hour. At the same time, he feels that the improvement of the mechanical manufacturing capability in the Mainland is remarkable in terms of quality, production process and mechanical properties. From field inspection, planning, signing and trial operation, NFLG has high production efficiency, high degree of automation, energy saving and environmental-friendly, and no pollution. At the same time, it recognizes the professional and reliable product quality and meticulous service of NFLG's machine.

The general construction period of road paving construction is tight, the delivery time and supply volume should be stable, and the stability requirements for equipment production are also very high. However, after using the equipment of NFLG, the production supply question has got the very good solution, Mr. Zhuo Jinrong said with great interest that in the past our paving team often needed to wait for asphalt materials, because the speed of the mixing station was not fast enough, and now the site often feeds too fast, and should be sent slowly. Due to the high production efficiency of the asphalt machine in NFLG, the construction of the entire project is now smoother. Do not like the past to wait for the feeding, the working time can be shortened by more than 10%.

In terms of equipment structure, Minfeng's asphalt plant structure first fully considers the production requirements after increasing regeneration. In addition, combined with the actual situation of large moisture content of local raw materials, a relatively large dust collector is used to ensure stable and efficient operation of the entire thermal system. . Mr. Zhuo Jinrong said that at present, 240 tons of design capacity of more than 3000 types of equipment has reached 260 tons per hour, and the production capacity can also be improved. It is expected that 280 tons per hour will not be a problem. The overall construction efficiency is improved, the factory workers' working hours are shortened, and the previous 10 hours of work is now completed in 7 hours. At the same time, the energy saving effect of the thermal system is obvious. The same raw materials in the case than Taiwan-made equipment energy savings of about 15%, and when the moisture content of the aggregate is high, the equipment can be automatically adjusted to ensure that the dry output is not reduced.


Environmental-friendly and energy saving, reducing operating costs

In addition, the whole set of equipment uses electric heater to heat the asphalt, instead of the heat-conducting oil to heat the asphalt tank, it has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, reduced carbon dioxide emission, etc. In addition, the backyard automatic feeding large material library is used to reduce the loader. Operation and dust emission, environmental -friendly and energy saving, reducing the operating costs of enterprises.

Asphalt mixing stations have always suffered from pollution due to harmful smoke, dust emission and high energy consumption. The asphalt mixing plant with high pollution, high energy consumption and environmental-friendly is obviously incompatible with the development of modern cities. The machine introduces all-environmental asphalt mixing equipment to achieve environmental protection in the whole process of asphalt mixture production, effectively controlling the generation of harmful fumes, dust and high energy consumption in the production process. In addition, Minfeng also ordered the blue smoke treatment system of the asphalt mixing equipment to ensure that the discharge of the plant meets the requirements of the government.

Asphalt mixing plants have always been a major energy consumer, and fuel costs cannot be ignored, especially when used to dry aggregates. The general enterprise adopts fuel oil. At present, it has begun to require the gradual replacement of fuel from heavy oil to natural gas in Taiwan. Therefore, Minfeng actively cooperates with local government requirements to equip the burner with oil and gas. The burner is originally created by NFLG. High-precision atomization control technology, real-time precise control of wind-oil ratio, to achieve optimal dynamic combustion, saving fuel by 15% to 20%, to meet customer environmental upgrading needs. Mr. Zhuo said that there are currently more than 40 asphalt mixing stations in the Taichung area. Minfeng is a relatively large one. The hourly output of this equipment is the largest in Taichung City, and the overall energy consumption of the equipment is low. The drying system is very fuel-efficient. It is estimated that it can save 10 million Taiwan dollars in burning costs.

Based on the stable operation of the equipment and the good economic benefits, Taiwan Minfeng handed over the thermal system of its original asphalt mixing equipment to NFLG for overall renovation and upgrading, in order to completely solve the problems encountered in the operation of the old station. The fuel consumption is high, the production cost is high, and the environmental protection is not up to standard. The upgrade of the old road station for the old station will further meet the continuous demand of customers for sustainable development, thereby improving the comprehensive performance of the mixing station and making the business owner more competitive in the market.


Asphalt Mixing Equipment of NFLG has outstanding advantages such as good performance, good stability, high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and has won the customers' attention from the detailed, intimate and professional spirit in the whole process from design and manufacture to installation service,recognition.

When talking about the service to NFLG'crew, Mr. Zhuo said that he was most gratified by the fact that from the procurement of equipment to the installation and commissioning, in the process of contact with the installation and service personnel of NFLG, His impression is to be practical, careful, large to the mixing station components, small to screws, each component is clearly labeled before leaving the factory, The entire installation process is no difference, the efficiency is also very high. In addition, in the process of communication with NFLG marketing service personnel, it is very convenient and smooth, able to answer questions in a timely manner, and respond promptly. Problems can be solved in the first time.

At present, environmental protection issues are getting more and more attention. How to reduce pollution and environmentally friendly production is a problem that asphalt mixing manufacturers have been seeking to solve. NFLG is fully environmentally friendly asphalt mixing equipment with strict environmental protection standards. It realizes environmental protection from the storage, transportation, heating, mixing and unloading of asphalt and aggregates, and effectively controls harmful fumes and dusts in the production process. Flowing and high energy consumption, as a professional R&D manufacturer of asphalt mixing equipment, how to make asphalt mixing plant more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient, providing an effective solution for asphalt mixture manufacturers facing pollution problems, has been the direction of NFLG efforts.

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