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Home News Precast concrete mixing plant from NFLG has been successfully applied in SUCG

Precast concrete mixing plant from NFLG has been successfully applied in SUCG


With the construction of domestic subway pipelines and the implementation of prefabricated houses, the demand for the production of precast concrete parts is increasing. Recently, the world's largest and most advanced prefabricated plants, built by Shanghai Urban Construction Group (hereinafter referred to as: SUCG), are about to be applied in Shanghai, where prefabricated parts are used for concrete mixing stations from NFLG HZN150.

SUCG has been committed to building industrialization and building energy-saving technology research and development for a long time. After years of efforts, SUCG have the entire process of production management from the development and construction, architectural design, assembly-style structural system development, prefabricated product development and design, component production to the assembly-type project, and can be built from the architectural design of prefabricated assembly-style construction of the whole process. it has been highly recognized by market.


 (SUCG application case)

The precast concrete mixing plant from NFLG is suitable for the construction of precast parts. Especially, for the high grade requirements of concrete strength and durability, and it is widely used in the production of urban subway segments, concrete pipe pile, concrete bridge frame, concrete box, lightweight concrete wall and synthetic fiber impermeability concrete.



The prefabricated components manufactured by the factory are integrated and delicacy management, the strength and durability can be better controlled. The cooperation of NFLG and SUCG ensure the consistency of product quality. At the same time the construction site produced sewage, construction waste, noise also greatly reduced. 

SUCG and NFLG is a recognized leader in the field of construction industry and mixing industry, SUCG as the country's first assembled construction industry base, assembly-type construction technology, it is a National Benchmarking Enterprise. NFLG is called "absolute technical" in the domestic mixing field of the whole product chain first brand manufacturers. We will keep innovating on new products, new technologies, new ideas and other aspects, leading the industry and feedback customer with high-quality products and services.

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