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Home News Beautiful springtime shouldn’t be neglected, also the preparation for production.

Beautiful springtime shouldn’t be neglected, also the preparation for production.


In March, everywhere is full of vitality, as the mobile crushing equipment workshop of NFLG. Since NFLG has fully entered the mobile crushing and screening field from 2017, after multi-directional, all-field technology upgrade, service reengineering, production promotion and marketing integration, mobile crushing equipment produced by NFLG has received good feedback from the markets, and the sales have continued to heat up since the beginning of 2018.




After the spring festival, sales of NFLG’s mobile crushing equipment are advancing rapidly, and more than 20 million sales have been sold in total. Except the equipment that has been sold, there are nearly 20 sets of tracked mobile crushing and screening stations are planned for production in the second quarter of 2018. NFLG plans to provide prompt feedback on market demand with a spot mode of delivery and supply.

In order to meet the demand of continuous hot order, NFLG’s mobile crushing workshop is actively preparing for production to ensure timely supply of the orders. When walk into the mobile crushing workshop of NFLG, you’ll see each process is closely matched, the production, assembly and debugging work are quite orderly, the planned tidy production site is busy and orderly, the busy figure and the attentive expression of the employees can be seen everywhere in the workshop. All of these are to make sure that the mobile crushing equipment can be sent to our clients in time, and we’re striving for the perfect delivery of mobile crushing equipment in 2018.


At the same time, with the gradual progress of the marketing system, sales momentum abroad continues to increase, and the overseas customers took advantage of the rest period to go to the company to inspect the goods, to learn the technology and to receive training.







With the continuous segmentation of the domestic crushing and screening market, the status of building materials aggregate has been changed from cheap ground material to precious resources. Prescient users have come to realize that occupying the upper reaches of the supply chain will have a direct impact on cost control, so the convenient production mode of tracked mobile crushing station has preempted the initiative.

As a mobile crushing and screening equipment produced by NFLG with internationalized technical pedigree,NFLG has won the recognition of the market in recent years by reshaping the localized marketing and service system, consolidating the reliable and stable equipment quality and actively exploring the market.

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