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Home News Intermediate course of burner held in NFLG Mixing Institute for the Asphalt service engineer completed successfully

Intermediate course of burner held in NFLG Mixing Institute for the Asphalt service engineer completed successfully


Burner, as a key part of the heat exchange system of asphalt mixing equipment, determines the working efficiency, use cost, performance of the whole station, and becomes a key factor affecting the whole station.

In order to further improve the level of theoretical knowledge and professional operation skills of asphalt mixing station service personnel, through the demand research, curriculum combing fine compilation, trial evaluation and other careful arrangements. From March 25 to 31, 2018, NFLG Mixing Institute conducted the intermediate course of burner for the asphalt service engineer in Quanzhou (Phase I).


Twenty full-time asphalt service engineers from all over the country attended the course. This course is a 6-day course with more than 50 class hours. It has rich theoretical knowledge and professional practical operation training, which covers burner mechanism composition, working principle, electrical control system, historical fault analysis and processing, burner assembly, ignition test, temperature adjustment, mutual fault checking and troubleshooting, etc.

One of the highlights of the course is the burner practical operation test, in order to make students master gas and fuel burner, each student is asked to test the practical operation which is about fuel and gas burner. Each assessment sets 3 ~ 5 points of failure points, the man who can eliminate fault points and do ignition successfully in a fixed period of time can pass the examination.




With the increasing demand of asphalt mixture manufacturers, the requirements of asphalt mixing station service manager is also increasing, which requires the service manager not only to be able to use and operate mixing equipment, and to understand the principle and method, to be familiar with the operation steps and be good at maintenance. Through the combination of theory and practice, this course allows students to master the structure and working principle of the main burner and heat conduction oil furnace burner of asphalt equipment, as well as its debugging process, basic fault judgment and treatment. Some students said: " these days’ course is full of essence of burners, the course is compact but not boring, I learned the real skills, and at the same time I have a lot of improvement in the use and maintenance of the burner, then I can provide customers with more efficient and high quality service. ”





On March 31, Li Feilong, a service engineer from Anhui province, won the first place in the total score of the intermediate course of burner for service engineer after six days of intense course study and practical operation assessment. Mr. Fang Qingxi, director of NFLG mixing institute, said at the summary meeting that he hoped the trainees could become high-quality service engineers with good learning ability, fine professional knowledge and strong business ability through the training, and grow into the first brand of the whole industry chain in the mixing field together with NFLG.




Progress never ends, learn to make sense. NFLG mixing institute has been focusing on the research and development of mixing technology, making every effort to create mixing industry professional exchange platform, training mixing industry professionals for their own responsibility, and promoting the industry to a more environmentally friendly, more intelligent and more efficient development!

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