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Did you maintain your Asphalt plant like this in the last year?


Maintenance work is an important link to ensure the normal operation of mixing equipment, reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life. After the long winter shutdown break for a long time, and lacking of maintenance during the construction period and other factors, all kinds of oil, lubrication protection and key parts of the asphalt mixing plant are likely to change. If the equipment is put into operation without detailed inspection in time, the equipment will inevitably have poor operation and other problems, and then shorten the service life of the equipment, affect the progress of the project.


Different from the southern region, snow weather is common in winter in northern China, especially in northeast China, and the winter shutdown period is as long as more than 5 months, cold weather conditions mean that the use of asphalt mixing plant will face severe challenges. In order to make the mixing plant work normally under bad weather conditions, snow prevention and maintenance measures of asphalt equipment are very important, which is also the necessary work to ensure the smooth progress of production in the spring of the second year. In addition to some maintenance knowledge of necessary product that users and service engineers need to master in cold weather, we will introduce a few tips of maintaining the asphalt equipment in the winter in northeast China. Let’s find out did you do it like this?


1. The bearing on the equipment shall be filled with lubricating grease or covered with oil filler, so as to prevent the bearing from seeping into rain and snow water and causing rust.

2. All motors and burners shall be covered with waterproof cloth to prevent snow and moisture.

3. The inside of the mixing station may become a place for rats to avoid winter, cable trough and control room need to be done a good job of rat prevention, rat board or rodenticide are needed when necessary.

4. During production, the belts need to be tensioned, and each belt needs to be adjusted to be loose after winter, so as to prevent the belt from cracking or deformation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.

5. To prevent agglomeration caused by moisture intrusion, the cold bin, hot bin and dust bin should be empty.

6. Do a good job of dust collector cleaning, do a good job of waterproof and leakage prevention after the installation to keep cloth bags moisture.

7. If it is a municipal station and it still have to produce after the late October, each lubricating oil for speed reducer should be replaced by the corresponding winter special oil.

Good maintenance and standard operation can not only reduce the equipment failure, but also reduce unnecessary loss, thus can greatly prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the use cost. Such large mechanical equipment like asphalt mixing plant is most afraid of problems caused by failure which can affect the production and supply. In order to reduce the failure rate of equipment and ensure the quality of asphalt concrete, these are inseparable from the maintenance work, especially the annual maintenance before winter and equipment overhaul before construction, which are the very essential links that ensure the equipment running in good condition.

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