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Home News HC serial of cone crushing host from NFLG, the jewel in the crown of Crushing Product!

HC serial of cone crushing host from NFLG, the jewel in the crown of Crushing Product!


HC serial of cone crushing host from NFLG, the jewel in the crown of Crushing Product!

Cone crushing host produced by NFLG, as one of the signature products of NFLG’s crushing and screening products, has reflected its tangible and stabilize quality assurance when being applied and inspected in the construction site.


As a kind of high-power hydraulic cone crushing host which has big crushing ratio, high productivity and high reliability, NFLG’s cone crushing host are widely used in the secondary crushing of high hardness materials, and it’s particularly useful for crushing the ultrafine and hard materials like rock, ore, slag and refractory materials. NFLG’s cone crushing host has already become the respect brand of crushing equipment for its focusing on the key products.



HC serial of cone crushing host from NFLG uses extrusive crushing principle which makes the material being crushed in the crushing cavity between the removable cone-shaped linings and fixed cone-shaped linings. The removable cone is driven by the big gear wheel and pinion on the eccentric shaft, then the removable cone can swing when the eccentric shaft rotates so the materials can be continuously squeezed and crushed between the removable and fixed cone-shaped linings, while other crushing process will generate by the materials’ mutual friction. The whole process has the following major characteristics:

  • Advanced bearing transmission design

  • Big crushing ratio

  • Almost every material can be dealt with (the hardness of materials which can be crushed can reach the Mohs hardness of 7 )

  • High revolving speed

  • Five ranges of speed which can be adjusted

  • Vibrational and multi-point crushing way

  • Automatic protecting system for overload of iron

  • Can be operated under load with no downtime, Hydraulic adjustment for discharge gate

  • Calibrating the wear value with one click, automatically record wear value, automatically display the degree of wear and the warning of changing lining boards.

  • Two production mode: automatic mode(guarantee the grain shape) and maximum mode(guarantee the output)  (NFC1000/NFC1000RS)

  • Automatic heating system and automatic heat dissipation system

  • Flow alarm and low-temperature warning

  • Automatic stop when the temperature is high

Bearing Transmission:

The world’s most advanced bear drive cone is the highlights of NFLG’s HC serial of cone crushing host. Compared with the traditional copper bush cone on the market, bear drive cone can change the friction form from floating to rolling, which in results will reduce energy consumption and lowered failure rate, meanwhile, it has higher elasticity when the bearing is used in the harder application, and it is less likely to break under high loads. Therefore, the cone is the biggest assurance for NFLG’s cone crushing host to produce steadily and reliably.

It has made NFLG’s HC serial of cone crushing host possess the function of changing speed adopting bear drive transmission way. The users can adjust the revolving speed to obtain the desire product by using the intelligent electronic control system included in the cone host. Compared with the conventional fixed speed cone host, the HC serial of cone crushing host can be easier operated by the users.



Usage Cost:

On the aspect of users’ usage cost, the advantage of NFLG’s HC serial of cone crushing host is apparently outstanding. By using bear drive transmission, the dosage of lubricating oil consumed by the bearing type of crushing host is half less than the one consumed by bearing bush type of crushing host which has same specification with NFLG’s HC serial of cone crushing host. This one action alone can save about 20,000 RMB for the customers.

On the aspect of energy consumption, NFLG’s HC serial of cone crushing host can save 5 percent of energy compared with the conventional crushing bush type of cone host. Taking HC1000 type of cone crushing host as an example, electricity consumption caused by bearing type host is 10 degree per hour less than bearing bush type host. The bearing type host is expected to save 100 RMB a day and 30,000 RMB a year in total.

Capacity guarantee:

Equipment performance like capacity is one of the biggest concerns for customers. Because of using eccentric design, the cone’s rotating process can drive the cone host generates natural vibration, motivated by the natural vibration and cone’s rotating, the process of finished products’ going through the crushing chamber can be accelerated and the multi-point broken can be achieved. All of these are the guarantee of a better yielding on the basis of hosts having same scale.


NFLG’s HC serial of cone crushing host is equipped with the advanced hydraulic setting system, protecting system for overload of iron and resetting system. The convenient replacement for vulnerable parts will minimize the downtime, and if the cone crusher is properly used, the operation and maintenance cost are relatively low, and then less powder lot will be produced.
With the increase of mining intensity, the most beneficial exploit way among the mining of valuable natural mineral resources by manual or mechanical means is Ore crushing. The finished ore being processed can be applied in metallurgy, construction, chemical and other industries. With the expansion of domestic demand for nation-building and the enlargement of infrastructure construction, the demand for sand gravel aggregate and relevant crushing machinery is increasing dramatically. At the same time, NFLG’s HC serial of cone crushing host has already been on the road towards the hot market.

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