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Home News The sea breezes through the spring --- 2018 Annual Marketing Meeting of NFLG ended with complete success

The sea breezes through the spring --- 2018 Annual Marketing Meeting of NFLG ended with complete success



Gentle water waves and warm sunlight are the vivid portrayal of the Pacific Ocean in January. Golden Princess, a luxury cruise boat, accompanied by gentle breezes and flying petrels, is sailing leisurely on the sea. Here in the luxury boat, NFLG held the annual marketing meeting of 2018 ceremoniously. The chairman of NFLG Mr. Fang Qingxi, the general manager Mr. Fangkai, the senior executive teams, the domestic and overseas agents, the marketing managers and industrial services core staffs and the engineers from every product department, totaling more than 140 people attended the annual meeting. They summarized and planed a development path which is about how to succeed in the secondary business ventures and go global.


The general manager Mr. Fangkai warmly welcomed the domestic overseas agents attending the annual meeting, then heartily thanked the core personnel from the marketing, industrial services and technical support departments. The year 2017, as the first year of secondary business ventures, all the members of NFLG gathered together with full enthusiasm for the Secondary Startup. Having global horizons and setup, based on the excellent technology, we struggled for growth and development in mixing industry, finally achieved the extraordinary year. Both the sales volume of each product series and the brand effect obtained breakthrough development and became the supporting products sequentially. The marketing structure and constitution of clients presents a good trend of synchronous and reasonable development, which is the achievements of focusing on mixing career and continuous innovation, also is the result of joint efforts of the whole company, the powerful force of the common destiny between the agents and NFLG and the proof of sticking to mixing industry as a lifelong process. Mr. Fangkai pointed out that NFLG adhere to the road of considering technology as the core instead of the one stimulated by trade. Though this road is the hardest, it is the most sustainable from the long run. Practice has proven that our persistence is worthwhile and valuable. NFLG will continue to concentrate on being specialized and innovated in 2018, and at the same time, it will also sequentially improve the quality in the field of value recreation of the equipment, the full life circle services and other industrial services. Meanwhile, Mr. Fangkai also expressed his expectations for the company and agents. He sincerely hoped that all the staff, no matter who from the marketing, services, and technology departments should improve themselves both in professional skills and humanistic qualities in order to lead the company and the agents to improve and develop fleetly and steadily towards the global setup.


(The general manager, Mr. Fangkai)

Mr. Yang Zengting representing the marketing center made the annual report of marketing work. In 2017, NFLG yearly total sales volume has increased a year-on-year growth by 40%. During year 2015 to 2017, it is the time when the engineering machinery industry was in its trough and gradually recovered by the globalization, NFLG has seized the chances and achieved a stable growth of total sales for three years, especially in 2017, the total sales increased dramatically due to the technology deposition of more than twenty years and the persistent concentration on mixing career. NFLG achieved the work objectives very well at the beginning of the year, also steadily established the first step of secondary business ventures and going global. In 2018, based on the previous year, the marketing work will continuously move towards the Secondary Startup and focus on the marketing system surround the Eight Systems so as to realize new growth points and create new values.


Annual report on marketing work

Mr. Xixing, the vice-minister of the Industrial Service Department made a report about industrial services work. During 2017, NFLG achieved quality improvement in the field of safety installation, services and business expansion. Industrial services have become an important part of NFLG’s brand reputation, and it has helped NFLG won more high-end markets and clients. The safety management culture, as one of the traditions of NFLG, has affected and helped a large number of clients to pay more attention on safety and standardize the safety management. In 2018, NFLG will continuously improve the quality of professional installation, service upgrades and team building; devote itself to making industrial services become more effective, more intelligent, having more valuable and competitive brand image. Meanwhile, NFLG will strictly assess the service level and provide customers with efficient, professional and comprehensive technical services.


Annual report on industrial service work

Representatives of agents made speeches one by one. This year, agents from Indonesia, Russia, Philippines and Malaysia were invited to attend the annual meeting to deeply feel the company’s culture. On the spot of the meeting, the regional agents in Indonesia, Mr. Simon said, in the past seven years, they established a deep trust relationship with NFLG. The quality and services of the products from NFLG has won the increasing influence in Indonesia. He also said that the company supported them with reliable products and services, which made them the agents, put more trust in NFLG, and also feel confident about the work performance of 2018. Mr. Simon added, “in the New Year, we the agents, are confident to put NFLG’s high quality products and services into the local construction.”


(The representative of the agents made speeches.)

The service representative of domestic agents shared feelings and experiences of service at the meeting. The upgrade from after-sale services to industrial services and the rich experiences of long-term and in-depth services for clients are the key basis of a whole set of comprehensive, rapid and thoughtful industrial services book which is summarized by the industrial service managers represented by Mr. Ke Xiaoyang and Mr. Lin Zhonghuang. From the establishment of equipment files archive to the training for clients and operating personnel, from the summary of service reports to the popularization and application of standard manipulation, it is the professional services of NFLG’s industrial services team that helped NFLG keep the solemn promise to our clients which contain full life circle carefree services of the products.


(The service representatives of the agents)

The Chairman of NFLG, Mr. Fang Qingxi, finally made an important speech. He expressed his sincere thanks to the agents and core staff who are outstanding in the field of marketing, service and technology. He thanked them for their trust, support and their unremitting efforts, highly praised the excellent performance they have made in persisting in indigenous innovation of technology, sticking to creating value and adhering to professional manner. He said that for more than 20 years, NFLG was invited to investigate many international industry leading enterprises. Thankfully, the development road that NFLG has insisted for years is the same with the most advanced enterprises, which is the road of developing in-house. Mr. Fang Qingxi added, “Our clients regard NFLG as technology R&D enterprise, I feel humility about that and deeply understand the strongly expectations from our clients.” Mr. Fang Qingxi also said, “I always ask the whole company to do the R&D step by step and we should rely on technology to create values. We have to explore downstream companies, form alliances with them and form the value community in the future. This is the requirements of improvement for NFLG, and also the certain choice of industry development.” After that, Mr. Fang Qingxi concludes, “Domestic construction enterprises need high quality construction materials. There are still great extents to improve the technology. It’s our mission to having the high quality technology, equipment and service applied into the domestic and overseas construction projects. All of us here should keep in mind that we still have a long way to go to achieve further success and we should try harder in the future.”


(The chairman, Mr. Fang Qingxi)

At the end of the meeting, the domestic and overseas agents respectively signed the performance target of 2018 with the General Manager, Mr. Fangkai, all the agents and NFLG participants have witnessed this scene and hoped that the higher goal will come conformably in 2018.

9.webp(the agents signed the performance target with NFLG)

10.webp(the agents signed the performance target with NFLG)

The NFLG marketing and industrial services award ceremony were held after the meeting where the outstanding teams and excellent personnel were given 16 prizes in total, which is mainly to thank everyone’s solidify cooperation and to stimulate the salesman and service personnel to make persistent efforts and scale new heights.







With originality can we build the Anterior, with concentration can we win the future. In 2018, NFLG will continue to provide higher quality products and services for the clients, regard it as a critical part which is to improving the clients’ value and never let our clients down. We will adhere to do specialize in fine and continue to innovate, stick to be the most professional provider of the overall solutions in the field of mixing engineering industry, and strive to be the first brand in the full product chain of mixing engineering field.



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