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NFLG Mobile crushing product training in different places


The key point to the success in the competition between the enterprises and products is the excellent general qualities of the marketing troops and service staff. Only the marketing personnel is technical and the service staff is professional can NFLG win the market and stay one step ahead of others.


NFLG‘s mobile crusher has taken its initiative in 2018. The improvement of the internationalized product technology, the progress of the service level and the sublimation of the employees’ quality are the trilogy for NFLG to marching into the mobile crushing and screening field. Based on the training progress of human resources’ quality and the improvement of the marketing service, NFLG has already on its way to explore the subdivided demand market in Shandong, Zhejiang, Anhui and other cities at the start of year 2018, and carried out a series of targeted marketing services’ training activities.



For the different working condition of aggregate in each construction area, the mobile crushing and screening team made specific plans in order to impart the targeted and practical maintenance skills and service gist face to face, then to make progress in improving the quality of the marketing and service personnel.


Persistent product service training is always the key guidance of NFLG. Relied on the platform of mixing institute, NFLG spares no effort to organize excellent teachers and courses and foster a large number of technical, knowledge-based and compound talents in order to fully improve the professional quality of front-line marketing and service personnel. 2018 is the year when NFLG goes straight forward the mobile crushing and screening market, so the compound talents who is not only an expert in the market and product but also do well in services are needed and the marketing troops must be perfectly built by then.

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