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Gansu Road and Bridge Construction Group Company visited NFLG


On January 3th, Ma Deke, the chairman of Gansu Road and Bridge Construction Group Company accompanied by their party secretary visited NFLG and investigated our production rooms. NFLG’s chairman Fang Qing Xi, NFLG’s general manager Fang Kai and other executives had a thorough and in-depth communication.


Gansu Road and Bridge Construction Group Company (hereinafter, Gansu Road and Bridge) founded in 1954, is the first state-owned large highway construction enterprise which combines investment and construction together, it is the advanced enterprise in the national construction industry and the leading enterprise in Gansu transportation and construction industry, which has steadily occupied the first place for many years in China. The chairman of Gansu Road and Bridge, Ma Deke and his team investigated the production exhibition room, the workshop, the R&D center, the experiment center, the mixing institute, the sand making test site, the cloud platform master control center and so on, they also detailed ask the information about our laboratory facilities and watched the experimental demonstration of the sand making process, aggregate online monitoring, asphalt foaming and micro measurement. The chairman Ma Deke continuously raised questions about the research of engineering construction materials, the processing of boutique aggregate, intelligent production and safety management, the chairman of NFLG Fang Qing Xi, the general engineer and business division minister answered the questions and exchanged arguments on both sides.




The chairman of Gansu Road and Bridge, Ma Deke agrees with the professional level and the assiduity spirit of NFLG in the construction mixing machinery field. He said that Gansu Road and Bridge and NFLG both are in the same engineering construction production chain and the two companies are respectively located in the both ends of China’s territory which have many similarities on the conception of paying attention to independent R&D and innovation: Gansu Road and Bridge aims to be the leading enterprise in the transportation industry and the nationwide first class highway construction manufacturer, devotes to make excellent project, which coincides with the NFLG’s spirit of focusing on mixing career and becoming the industry leader. This field trip will certainly lay a solid foundation of win-win cooperation for both sides.


The chairman of NFLG, Fang Qing Xi mentioned that Gansu Road and Bridge construction group company which is the domestic famous large engineering construction enterprise, has a wide technology cooperative space in the field of crushing, screening, sand making and reshaping, asphalt and concrete mixing with NFLG which is the first brand manufacturer, service provider and overall solution supplier in the national mixing field. By the 27 years’ technology accumulation of focusing on mixing career, NFLG has confidence in providing all-round technique consultation, training and service and exchanging advanced technology and ideas for Gansu Road and Bridge. Gansu Road and Bridge has more than 60 years’ experience of engineering construction and countless excellent projects and construction cases. The technology-improvement proposals based on a wealth of on-site experience will become the powerful motivation to make NFLG continuously innovate.


During the technique exchange meeting, the minister of the solid and waste division Wu Zhengde, the chief engineer Huang Wenjing and the minister of the industry service division Wang Bihui against the projects: The Management and Manufacture Improvement of Sandstone Resources, The Technology and Improvement of Asphalt Recycling and Sand Making and The Culture of Safety Training had a broad and in-depth talk. Except the technology communication, the chairman Ma Deke especially pointed out that the safety culture and training culture were worth of praise. He said that the importance of safety management is to carry out the control measures and to make sure that everyone values safety awareness. He also emphasized that it needs sustained effort to form the safety awareness and then make it a habit. The chairman Ma Deke invited NFLG team to select a suitable time to make safety training for Gansu Road and Bridge.


It is the same pursuit to technology that promote this cooperation opportunity, then the deepening sense of value and identity prompted NFLG and Gansu Road and Bridge reached consensus on further strategic cooperation. Later on, the chairman Fang Qing Xi and Ma Deke respectively represented NFLG and Gansu Road and Bridge signed the strategic partnership agreement, the two companies will have deeper cooperation on broader field. The chairman Fang Qing Xi offered the chairman Ma Deke “the VIP guest certificate of NFLG” to thanked him for his trust and support and hope that both sides can have win-win cooperation in the future.



Having a soft spot for what you love, then be a righteousness man. The minister of human resources from Gansu Road and Bridge, Ms. Liu Shumei took up the writing brush in high spirits, and then gave the inscriptions which integrated the enterprise’s value to NFLG as a gift. This also witnessed the strategic cooperation of Gansu Road and Bridge and NFLG, the both sides will leave brilliant marks in the Road and Bridge industry in the future.



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