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Home News NFLG won the prize of \'2017 Chinese engineering machinery customers brand attention top ten\'

NFLG won the prize of '2017 Chinese engineering machinery customers brand attention top ten'


On January 1st, 2018, The China road machinery website published the ranking list of the year 2017 of brand attention for China's engineering machinery customers. NFLG ransk in the top three spots by virtue of its good reputation from national customers. NFLG has won the prize for seven years since 2011.



This year's ranking list is based on the brand attention index which is generated by the amount of pageviews of all the brands and products and on-line inquairies. The list can actually show users' preferdences about the brands and products, quickly and keenly reflect the influence and coverage of the enterprises' brands and products among the user group, predict the slaes market and indicate the marketing direction to a certain extent.

NFLG has adhered to the key value concept of focusing on innovation and specialization since it was estabalished in 1997. NFLG has won the trust from its clients and continualy pursued the idea which is to make the mixing career more professional, excellent and longer. Faced with the industry develpment and market requirements, NFLG will increase input of technology R&D and focus on the core products as always, constantly improve the quality of the products, persistently guide the progress and revolution of the industry technology, promote the domestic mixing equipment goes forward.

Project Case

3.webpNFLG Concrete mixing plant applied in Xiulan.

4.webpNFLG Concrete mixing plant applied in Jinmen Feitu.

5.webpNFLG Concrete mixing plant applied in Ningxia Huasheng.

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