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China NFLG and Germany PFT will jointly build up the full process service of mechanized production and construction.



August 28th, Kanuf PFT GmbH & Co. KG (Hereinafter referred to as “PFT”) and Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “NFLG”) officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement and established the strategic cooperation between the two sides about jointly building up the full process services which starts from aggregate sand making to dry mortar mixing and then to the machine application.

PFT, found in 1964, is a technology-oriented enterprise which is internationally renowned in dry mortar industry. It is also the inventor of the world's first plastering machine. The headquarter and production plant is located in Germany, PFT has about 350 dealers and service centers in 61 countries, it is committed to develop the advanced mechanical systems of modern construction technology, such as the efficient application of transportation, mixture, pumping, gypsum, plaster and ground self-leveling, to provide global customers including Chinese customers good services of technology and machine application equipment. The products of PFT are widely used in the world's construction sites, and it ranks the leading position in mortar machine application and dry mortar field.

As China's leading enterprise in the engineering machinery mixing field, the main business scope of NFLG covers mining design, mining and crushing of construction materials, machine sand production line, solid waste treatment equipment, integrated solution of engineering mixing equipment industry chain, etc. NFLG is an international professional company, it has focused on mixing equipment research and development, manufacturing and services for a long time, and it is also the pioneer and leader in the R&D and manufacturing field of domestic dry mortar complete sets of equipment. Meanwhile, it has the world's most advanced gravel aggregate processing technology, providing users building materials overall solutions which start from sand and stone aggregate crushed sand treatment to engineering material mixing process.

Today, the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between PFT and NFLG marking the two giants of China and Germany ready-mixed mortar industry will go hand in hand, share information with each other and create a bright future together, and this will certainly go down in the history of the development of the global ready-mixed mortar industry.

After signing the ceremony, PFT global CEO Dr. York Falkenberg and China’s chief representative Wang Weijun held a symposium with NFLG Chairman Fang Qingxi, chief engineer and minister of electrical division, Peng Siming, chief engineer and minister of technology, Huang Wenjing, minister of dry mixing division, Dong Weiliang, assistant of general manager, Yang Zengting, director of marketing, Zhou Wei and other leaders of NFLG. They had in-depth communication on the content and details of the collaboration, and they had a heated discussion about the domestic and overseas application and development prospect in the dry mortar mechanized construction field and their experience.


Symposium exchange

PFT global CEO Dr. York Falkenberg said that today's exchange gains a lot, and he is very honored to cooperate with NFLG, PFT and NFLG have the same view and philosophy on the understanding of dry mortar and its mechanized construction, and the two company also have consistent customer base. He expected that both sides would strengthen cooperation in China and around the world, so that can bring users more advanced technology, more quality assurance, more efficient and more environmentally friendly integrated services of mortar products. Meanwhile, he added, when visiting the test center, he marveled at NFLG’s comprehensive and professional research on raw materials when he saw a number of shake sieve machine tester for screening sand gradation, granularity and grain type detector and other series of materials research equipment. As a company with more than 50 years of experience in application of mechanical spraying equipment, PFT also deeply aware of the advantages and disadvantages of materials, especially grading, grain, moisture content indicators on the importance of mortar. At last, Dr. York Falkenberg concluded that he is more determined the intention of cooperation between the two sides.

The chairman of the board Fang Qingxi said in the exchange, it is the most difficult to find friends through the ages, but the two sides have a high degree of consistency in the understanding of the material, which is very rare and remarkable. NFLG has been always focused on the R&D and manufacturing of dry-mixed mortar mixing equipment, so it has a deep understanding of the material, and is aware of the main material for the production of dry mortar, which is to say that sands have a significant impact on mortar quality and subsequent mechanized construction and final engineering quality. Therefore, NFLG spares no effort on materials research and ultimately mastered the complete set of sand-making technology of the manufacture of high-quality mechanism of sand. Now, NFLG’s technical level in the sand-making and dry mortar mixing field has fully reached the international leading level. Chairman Fang continued, “It’s our honor to cooperate with PFT which has more than 50 years of experience accumulation of mechanized construction technology, and I hope that the two sides can strengthen technical cooperation and information exchange in dry mortar field, carry out joint research on the technical difficulties in dry mixing mortar industry, share new technologies, new products and new standards at home and abroad, work together to build the whole process of dry mortar services which starts from material to the production of dry mortar and then to the mechanized construction. In this way, we can better serve our customers and the industry, integrate the advantages of resources of both sides, and then form a coherent, complementary development situation, jointly promote the development of mortar industry.




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