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Home News Anticipation-The faster plant upgrades, the more market share seizes.

Anticipation-The faster plant upgrades, the more market share seizes.


Group Background

PT. ADHIMIX PRECAST INDONESIA is one of the major supplier for national class ready mix and precast concrete in Indonesia. Previously, Pt. Adhimix Precast Indonesia was division of Pt. Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk. In year 2002, become Pt. Adhimix Precast Indonesia. After 15 years development, Pt. Adhimix Precast Indonesia had set up 28 sets concrete mixing plant, which 17 sets of them is from NFLG.


As with most developing countries, there are many problems existed in mixing industry in Indonesia such as low development level of the industry, absence of standards, obsolete production equipment and technology and undisciplined operation and maintenance. Most plants with low configuration adopt the way of dry mixing. Especially for the old plant, it causes dust, noise and sewage without recycling equipment. Dry mixing leads to low measurement precision, serious raw material waste, expensive maintenance cost of concrete transporting truck and environmental pollution. All these problems have plagued relevant companies and resulted in continues adverse impact on company economic benefits and social benefits.

With market competition intensifying, how can a company gain impregnable position in the market tide? The goal that companies want to achieve is lower cost, higher quality, better benefits. When most of peers are addicted to considerable profit, Pt. Adhimix Precast Indonesia has already put forward the plan to save energy, cut off cost and improve economic and social benefits.

 Scrape the poison off the bone which means a radical reform.In 2009, Adhimix management team made an important decision: replace the oldest equipment, update some plants and purchase new one which reaches the international standards. At that time, NFLG was ready to put expertise to good use in Indonesian market.

After rounds of selection and investigation, ADHIMIX noticed the expertise of NFLG.

In order to supply the satisfied plant for customer, NFLG sent a professional team to make field measurement for client and optimize the layout and arrangement and type selection. Finally, NFLG got an order of 3 commercial concrete mixing plant with high configuration from ADHINMIX in September, 2010. Besides, ADHINMIX was deeply impressed by the professionalism, timely and efficient after-sales service of NFLG team, as well advanced technology and excellent product quality.



Due to the same goal and philosophy of business management, the two companies appreciate each other. Therefore, they have deepened their cooperation and made more achievements. NFLG provides ADHIMIX with advanced product technology and high-quality products. In return, ADHIMIX rewards us with more orders. Up to mow, the two companies have been partners for 7 years, during which ADHIMIX has ordered 19 concrete mixing plants from NFLG. With an innovative philosophy and quick executive ability, ADHIMIX has upgraded its equipment at a fast pace, and the ensuing economic and social benefits helped ADHIMIX stand out in the competitive market, making its scale larger.

In order to provide timely and efficient services for major clients, NFLG and the local business partners build accessory warehouses and service stations, and stipulate a regular revisiting system, thus offering our clients with best services.

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