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In the autumn of October, NFLG and you meet in Moscow


Exhibition name:2017 Russian Road Construction Exhibition "ROAD"

Exhibition time:10-13 October, 2017

Exhibition site:Moscow International Conference and Exhibition Center “Крокус экспо”

Number of booth: HALL A1, No. D300

The 2017 Russian Road Construction Exhibition "ROAD" will be held in Moscow on 10-13 October , 2017. Comparing with the CTT held on every June which takes all kinds of machinery and equipment as exhibition objects, this exhibition belongs to industry forum exhibition, all participating enterprises are major manufacturers of road machinery and equipment at home and abroad. The exhibition mainly displays the representative pavement machinery and equipment of the major enterprises. The professional and industry landmark has wide influence in the world of mechanical field, it Just in lines with the spirit of enterprise NFLG —“To be professional” and “To be exquisite”.

It is reported that the Russian road construction exhibition covers more than eighty percent of Russian resources in the field of road construction,the person who is in charge of the state-owned and private companies will come to the Exhibition “Road”. During this exhibition, the Russian Highway Bureau will organize a series of related meetings on the theme of "domestic road construction". Between meetings, many related enterprise leaders will come to participate in the exhibition, obtain the industry information, seek the partner, this will greatly enhance the exchanges and contacts between enterprises, and it will help major enterprises find opportunities for cooperation and get acquainted with cooperation partners .

The exhibition organizers will arrange all booths in a Hall to help large exhibitors to have a view of the mountains and quick lock target. At the same time,on the day of the opening ceremony, the leaders of the Russian government, together with the leaders of the construction enterprises will visit all the booths, this is a great opportunity for NFLG to enter Russian official vision and public eyes. Based on this, NFLG will adopt the usual classic red color to set their own booth at the exhibition. Using the dazzling China red to show the unique charm of “Created in China” and to represent the status in the field of China's heavy industry machinery. This idea agrees with the warm red theme of Red Square in Russia, and the booth of NFLG brings more vitality and energy to the autumn Moscow. At the same time, it expresses the ardent hope that NFLG will be determined to contribute itself to the construction of public roads in Russia.


As shown below, the booth of NFLG located in hall A1, number D300, the booth area is 46㎡. This time, NFLG will send a senior product manager, professional technicians, advanced business representatives to attend the exhibition to answer questions for customers, and NFLG has prepared the illustrated product album and small gifts for visiting customers. According to the market situation in Russia, NFLG will also add a special display of two new model: LB2000 with cold regeneration equipment and GLB3000 with regenerative ring.These two models are new models of personalized products tailored to the actual situation of Russian customers recently.


"ROAD" coincides with the Russian golden autumn, we believe this is a symbol of a fruitful harvest.Professional spirit, good quality of NFLG can let customers get satisfied experience of the exhibition.We hope that NFLG can make more friends in the industry of Russia, and hope that through this exhibition, equipment from NFLG can step to the Russian market, providing strong support for the road construction in Russia.

NFLG is looking forward to meeting you in the beautiful golden Moscow, and harvest the golden fruit together with you!

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