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How to buy jaw crusher


The figure of jaw crusher often appears in stone plant, sand plant, mineral processing plant and other places, it can be said that it is a necessary equipment for the mining industry.

Such an important equipment, how should we buy it?

Whether you want to join the mining industry boss, or industry veterans, look over, this article will provide a detailed analysis of the jaw crusher purchase!

Jaw crusher is so widely used, what is it mainly responsible for and what does it do?

It steadily perseveres in the head position of the production line of stone plant, sand plant and mineral processing plant, which mainly relies on its special advantages, no other machine can replace it.

Its special advantage is that the feed opening is large, it can handle 1500㎜ of stone material, and it is mainly responsible for the initial crushing of stone material, and its role is to crush large stone material into small stone material, and ensure that the size of stone material can enter the feed opening range of the next equipment.


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What makes the market coverage of jaw crusher so big

No matter what limestone stone plant, or river pebble sand plant, or granite stone plant, jaw crusher is suitable, the market coverage is high. If the material itself is not big in size, there is no need to apply the jaw crusher.

The reason why it can cover such a wide range is related to its material, structure and operation principle. The hard material, reasonable structure and good operation performance make it capable of handling both medium and soft stones as well as high hardness stones, so it can be said that it can cover both soft and hard stones, basically meeting everyone's production needs.

In order to meet the market requirements, each manufacturer has different model names, but the output range can basically meet your requirements, both a few tons per hour, but also up to thousands of tons.

From the above model parameters, we can see that there are various models of jaw crushers, and their production capacity varies, generally the price of small models is low, and the price of large models is relatively high.

In addition, the price difference between fixed and mobile jaw crushers is also very large, sometimes a mobile frame can be worth a fixed jaw crusher.

There are also different manufacturers use different production processes, technologies, materials, etc., the cost is different, then the sale price is different.

Therefore, there is no fixed price for how much a jaw crusher costs, both small fixed jaw crushing and mobile jaw crushers. The specific price can be consulted in detail with our engineers.

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