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Which is better, crawler mobile crusher or tire mobile crusher?


Mobile jaw crusher, capable of moving and transferring jaw breakers at any time, the whole machine can realize one-touch movement, in-situ steering, and free transferring operation, which is convenient, fast and reliable driving. With the integration of advanced automatic operating system, it can realize remote control of many operations, which greatly liberates manpower and reduces manual management costs.


Advantages of mobile jaw crusher


1. The overall size is suitable and the turning radius is small, so it can be driven flexibly on the ordinary road and in the operation area, and the driving process will not cause wear and tear on the road.

2. The jaw mobile crushing plant can process materials on site, eliminating the need to move materials away from the transportation link, which saves transportation costs and improves processing efficiency.

3. High degree of integration, complete sets of strong, overall more economical investment costs, save investment costs in infrastructure construction, higher overall processing efficiency.

4. The motor and related equipment are integrated, the degree of coordination in operation is higher, the material conveying link between each program is simplified, and the efficiency is high.

5. The energy consumption generated during the operation of the jaw mobile crushing plant is low, and dust pollution and noise pollution are effectively reduced to optimize the surrounding environment.



Crawler or tire, two kinds of mobile crushing plant combination you can choose


According to the mode of travel, Jaw Mobile Crushing Plant can be divided into Tire Jaw Mobile Crushing Plant and Crawler Jaw Mobile Crushing Plant. Each of them has its own characteristics, which are distinguished as follows.

1. Overall design

Intuitively, there are differences between the two designs.

a. Tire Jaw Mobile Crushing Plant is smaller in size and lighter in body weight.

b. Crawler Jaw Mobile Crushing Plant is more compact and flexible, with reasonable configuration of each module.


2. Mobile aspect

a. The former requires front-end traction to move, which is convenient for highway driving and does not damage the road, and has a small turning radius, which makes it more convenient to turn in place, transport and climb the slope.

b. The crawler jaw mobile crushing plant, on the other hand, adopts the crawler hydraulic drive mode, with a higher degree of automation, and its walking system can be directly controlled by remote control, making it easier to drive it to the trailer; it is also easier to achieve in-situ turnaround on rough roads.


3. Stability performance

a. The former needs to increase the stability of the whole machine through the hydraulic legs under the frame, and there is relatively more preparation work after arrival.

b. The latter has low center of gravity and large tonnage, and the tracks are in contact with the ground, so the grounding area is large and more stable, and at the same time, it can be put into work directly at the site without assembly time and no restrictions on site requirements.

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