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Mobile crushing and screening machine classification and purchase


Mobile crusher as an innovative equipment in the mining industry, mobile and intelligent, so that the user benefit multiplied, is naturally the preferred equipment for many users, the following is a detailed explanation of this equipment.


Mobile crusher many application areas

1.Production of sand and gravel aggregates

The market demand for sand and gravel is large, and the mechanism sand can also completely replace the natural sand for the construction industry. The mobile crushing plant integrates the crushing and screening system, which can be flexibly configured into a production line to meet the output demand of sand and gravel products of different grades.

2.Green mine transformation

The remaining sludge and waste stone from abandoned mines can be processed and mixed by the mobile crusher to obtain products with soil properties, good permeability and water retention, which can be used to plant trees for mine restoration and realize greening again.

3.Tailings processing

After the completion of beneficiation, a large amount of tailings will be produced in the mine. Previously, the treatment of tailings is generally used as filling material for underground mining area.

But with the development of the crusher industry, the tailings will be crushed and used for sand making or as raw materials for construction, which is a more economically efficient way of treatment.

4.Construction waste disposal

Construction waste for landfill way, not only waste land area, but also will bring secondary pollution. Mobile crusher can be used to treat construction waste, used to make recycled bricks, permeable floor tiles manufacturing, can better play its economic value.

5.Solid waste reuse

Before solid waste treatment and utilization, often need to be crushed, screening and other pre-processing, mobile crusher can enter the solid waste storage site, to achieve on-site operations, reduce transport and infrastructure investment.

The above five points are the main uses of mobile crushing plant. The mobile crusher is compact, flexible, and can be used in a variety of operating environments, and can meet one-stop screening and crushing needs.


Mobile crushers can be divided into two categories according to the different driving methods.

1.Tire type mobile crusher

It is actually a semi-trailer, which can walk freely and move like a car when it is hooked up to the front.

2.Crawler type mobile crusher

The crawler mobile crusher is mainly driven by crawler, which has more powerful mobility and can adapt to more severe environment, climbing up hills and turning in place.


According to the configuration can be divided into six sub-categories

Mobile crusher configuration is flexible and can have various configurations, like auxiliary equipment (feeder, screener), main crushing equipment (crusher, sand making machine), optional equipment (dust collector, iron remover), etc.

Generally, the auxiliary equipment can be mounted on the same mobile crusher frame with the main crushing equipment at the same time. According to the user's needs, it can be reasonably installed on a certain frame and can be divided into the following 6 sub-categories according to different configurations.

1.Feeder + primary crushing equipment

The first category is also the head breaking equipment of the production line, often using the primary crushing equipment is suitable for processing large materials jaw crusher, composed of what we often call mobile jaw crusher, generally need to match the feeder.

2.Secondary Crusher Plant + Screening Machine

The secondary crushing equipment is to deal with the materials processed by the first broken equipment, commonly used secondary crushing are cone crusher (for hard materials), impact crusher (for soft materials), generally with a screen, together with a mobile frame, forming a mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher.

3.Tertiary Crusher Plant + Screening Plant

Tertiary crusher equipment, also known as fine crushing equipment, commonly used are sand making machine, fine crusher, etc., generally with screening machine, together mounted to a mobile frame, forming a mobile sand making machine, mobile fine crusher, commonly used to produce sand.

4.Feeder + main crusher + screening machine

This kind of equipment is often a piece of equipment is both a production line, feeder, main crusher, screen machine together installed to a mobile frame, forming a three-in-one equipment, commonly used in mobile hammer crusher, once formed.

5.Four-in-one Mobile Crusher

This kind of mobile crusher is mainly suitable for small production line, mainly configured with feeder, primary crushing equipment, secondary crushing equipment, and screening machine, and four kinds of equipment are mounted onto one mobile frame at the same time, so it is called four-in-one equipment.

6.Mobile Screening Machine

A mobile frame on a separate configuration of a screen machine, forming a mobile screen machine, this equipment is mainly suitable for large production lines.


Mobile crusher stands steady in the market, the ten advantages of the credit

Because the mobile crusher is based on the market user demand for the production of a new crushing equipment, so the practicality is stronger, the advantages are more obvious, as follows.

1.Strong mobility performance

Compared with the fixed crusher machine, mobility is a more obvious advantage, the normal flat road surface using the tire mobile crusher can be, the more severe environment using the crawler mobile crusher.

2.Small footprint

On the one hand, it occupies a small area for transportation, with folding design, which is convenient for transportation; on the other hand, it is very economical for the production site, and each equipment is reasonably installed to the mobile frame, which is more compact and convenient for operation.

3.Strong intelligence

Adopting intelligent design of the whole vehicle, it can be operated by remote sensing, with strong intelligence and convenient use, only 4 persons are needed to operate the whole production line.

4.Diverse power sources

The mobile crusher can adopt the power mode of oil and electricity, and the vehicle is equipped with diesel generator set. In the case of sufficient electricity, it adopts green energy electricity, if the power is insufficient or the power cannot be supplied, it can adopt diesel power generation as the power to ensure the smooth production.

5.Fast production

Breaking the traditional pre-piling, infrastructure and other complicated installation work, mobile crusher factory is both a production line, can be driven to the crushing site at any time, fast into production.

6.Fast transfer

No complicated disassembly, after processing a material, it can be directly driven to the next production site, convenient and rapid transfer.

7.Wide range of application

Due to its flexible configuration, it is suitable for crushing almost all natural stones, and is widely used in mining rocks, solid waste resource utilization, housing demolition, road concrete recycling and material crushing in other industries.

8.Fast return on capital

The production efficiency is relatively high, the capital return period is short and the return is fast.

9.Energy-saving and environmental protection

The sealing effect of mobile crusher is relatively good, which can reduce the generation of dust in the process of use, and also can be flexible with dust removal facilities to achieve a more environmentally friendly production effect. The new mobile crushing plant generally adopts the driving design of diesel engine to control the movement of equipment and electric energy to produce, so it can be more energy-saving in the production.

10.High stability

Fixed line must be in operation for a period of time, or problems occur before shutting down for maintenance and replacement of parts. But the mobile break has a mature automatic problem-solving function, problems are found in time to prevent problems on the machine's secondary damage, production is more stable


Commonly used mobile crusher production line configuration program

There are two kinds of production lines commonly used for mobile crusher, namely mobile crushing production line and mobile sand production line, which need to configure the production line according to the raw material properties, the following four common production lines are provided for your reference.

Option 1.

Suitable for large shape, high hardness material processing into stone jaw crusher (feeder + jaw crusher) + mobile cone crusher (cone crusher + screening machine)



Option 2.

Suitable for large, soft material processing into stone

Configuration.Mobile Jaw Crusher (Feeder + Jaw Crusher) + Mobile Impact Crusher (Impact Crusher + Screener)



Option 3.

Suitable for processing large pieces of material into sand

Configuration.Mobile Jaw Crusher (Feeder + Jaw Crusher) + Mobile Cone Crusher + Mobile Sand Making Machine (Sand Making Machine + Screening Machine)



Note.The specific production plan, need to be analyzed according to the specific situation, contact us will have experienced engineers to customize the plan for you.

In summary, mobile crusher as an innovative equipment in the mining industry, with its mobile intelligence, set feeding, crushing, screening equal to the advantages of one, so that the benefits of the user multiplied, deeply liked by users.

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