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Concrete workers professional skills competition of China


The Concrete workers professional skills competition of China was held in Beijing construction material research institute COM.,LTD. From 27 to 28 December 2014 year. Representatives of 40 groups from concrete enterprises all over the country took participation. The act was intended to intensify professional education  and deepen and widen expertise and practical skills of personnel involved in concrete production and application, which was crucial to meet diversified demands of the field. 

Aggregate(stone and sand) used in this act was provided by NFLG. There were produced by its sand making and shaping production line.

Here it’s given video of the competition.

Participator: Sand used in this contest is of very high quality, I have never seen such   good sand before in Qingdao. In Qindao sand made by machine is very coarse sand is made from granite instead of limestone, which contains more clay.

Competition experts team leader Yan Pei Yu (professor from Tsinghua University):These aggregates definitely are of very high quality. According to feedback of each team they have better properties that that used in practical construction. In fact it’s hard to find better raw material than these. Future development of aggregates definitely lies in machine made sand, since there are fewer and fewer natural resources, and we are forced to apply more sand more machine made sand. However judging by sand made all over the country its quality varies sharply from place to place. But the sand used in this contest is surprisingly really good. I hope this advanced technology would be promoted and everyone has chance to use it to produce  high-quality aggregate.

Professor Liang Wenquan Competition Jury Team Leader Wuhan University: We are running out of  natural gravel and sand resource, especially natural sand, including mountain sand and river sand.In this case, NFLG offers an excellent solution, replacing natural sand with machine made one. It’s clearly shown in this contest. I told them, we owe at least 80% success of this contest to contribution from NFLG. Why? Because they provided high-quality sand and gravel. It’s well known that sand and gravel inside accounted for 75% of concrete volume and it’s hard to overestimate their importance for concrete quality, no matter it concerns fresh concrete or hardened concrete. They and crucial. They are essential. So in my opinion, we must grateful to NFLG for its good material, which ensures us to successfully hold this contest.

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